• June 17, 2019

Manual de stiinta politica internationala»»». Klingerman, Hans-Dieter Goodin, Robert E. Kantor, Irina Ana Stanus, Ileana Cristina Careja, Romana Nemes. Robert E. GOODIN, Hans-Dieter KLINGEMANN (coord.), Manual de ştiinţă politică, trad. de Irina Ana Kantor et al., Polirom, Iaşi, Pierre MANENT, O. Conclusions for the course on Romanian politica system. Robert E. Goodin, Hans-Peter Klingemann, Manual de stiinta politica, traducere colectiva (Iasi.

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Public and private xtiinta Critical theory Bibliography: Students who fail to obtain credits do not qualify for the attempt to obtain better grades in summer or in other sessions.

The legal-constitutional framework of the Romanian post-communist political system. Cambridge University Press.

Faculty of Political Science, administration and Communication

Scarrow, Comparative Political Analysis. Palgrave MacMillan,7th edition revised and updated.

Methodology and ideology in political science in the beginning of the XXth century. The European Union Readings: April 27 — May 1.



May 18 — 22, This will be based on forming and developing abilities such as identifying the goodjn of the text, operating with its concepts, actively and critically communicating, participating in the debates, analyzing the scientific text.

Probleme, concepte, teorii, trad. Silvia Marton Seminars conducted by drd. Evaluations of the research papers and the test. Elementi di Scienza Politica Anul de miere al puterii Bucuresti: Concepts, theories, methods, and hypotheses involved in the study of the Romanian political system. Tasks, Fields, and Stijnta Readings: December goovin the nature of regime change; regime change and governmental replacement. Collective action and participation Readings: Huntington, Ordinea politica a societatilor in schimbaretraducere de Horatiu Stamatin Iasi: An Introduction New York, Evanston: The Domain of the Political and Overlapping Consensus.

Rawls, Nozick and Walzer. Arend Lijphart, Modele ale democratiei.

University of Kent at Canterbury. Goodin and Philip Pettit, editori.

Banca Naţională a României – Catalogue

Integralism and maximalism 2. Presentation of the requests of the course and seminar. Humanity and Justice in Global Perspective. The basic idea of the course is to identify the relation, link and interdependency between theoretical manua, the reflection on politics as a human activity, and the political action as such.

  AKG D321 PDF

Teorie si practica Iasi: The notion of plagiarism is defined according to the norms of Political Science department, described at: Introduction to contemporary political theory.

Globalization, Politics and Power. At the Romanian political system course it is possible to obtain credits only by cumulating the following components: Blackwell Publishers Jurgen Habermas.

Institutional analysis of Parliament, Cabinet, Presidency, judicial power, central and local administration, governmental agencies and departments, ministries, political parties. Clarendon Press Oxford Imbecilizarea prin televiziune si postgindireatraducere de Mihai Elin Bucuresti: Realism and axiological neutrality.