• June 15, 2019

The options described in this user guide enable you to generate a o Main Navigation Menu Options (available in Magento Enterprise and later). 96 iii. Magento Community Edition User Guide, Version Apache x. Nginx x (for CE or EE or greater). Server Hosting. Welcome to the home page for Magento 1.x documentation for installation, Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) Documentation Home (EE) · Getting the PHP patch for Magento Enterprise Edition (EE).

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Product with required custom options should be added to a wishlist without warning messages Fixed: Unable to place order if customer selects Register on checkout Fixed: Invoice subtotals for cases with partial invoice and discount Fixed: Session is lost while redirecting from secure to unsecure URL Fixed: Unexpected breaking import process leads to creation phantom data into database Fixed: Typo in JavaScript error message Fixed: This means your site loads very, very slowly.

Magento Community Edition is free, open source software. Up-Sells allow you to entice the end customer to buy more. Magento can focus on what it does best: Long Description of the product, used on the usfr product detail page.


The faster a checkout process becomes, the more likely someone is to finish the checkout process. One client of ours saw a 30x increase in speed on the site, when it come to indexing.

Ny release: Magento Enterprise Edition –

Remove row button is shifted enterlrise error message appears under Qty filed Fixed: Magento Community gives retailers standard reporting, including: In some instances, you can use multiple store views for a mobile site, or have a separate store view just for wholesale customers.

Louis, Missouri, you only need to collect Missouri sales tax.

Text is wrong displayed with enabled Inline translation for Admin on backend Fixed: Pin It on Pinterest. Impossible to configure order of displaying rating values in the frontend Fixed: Unverified redirect is possible in Checkout controller Fixed: You can enable the ability of mxgento to purchase on credit and pay by checkor restrict this just to a specific customer group i.

Poll shows incorrect percentage Fixed: Fatal error when try to ship order with Flat Rate shipping method – fixed potentially problematic chaining involved getShippingCarrier method Fixed: Multi selections fields for website scope settings are greyed out Fixed: Hot-swapable backup system — what happens if your system goes down? Reset button should not be on the page New Gift Wrapping Fixed: If you want to have a large, successful retail store on the Web, you need to make many 1.21 Wrong message during checkout process in Inline Translate mode Fixed: Magento Enterprise allows you to display specific banners top of the site, left side, right side, bottom, or within magentp content blockbased on the shopping cart rule on the site.


Magento Community does not have a built-in system that allows for automatic trigger-based suer campaigns.

Retain the selected tab on editing CMS page Fixed: For example, you might want to have one tax rate for people in the city of St. Products qty displays wrong in layered navigation after mageto currency Fixed: It allows you to treat different customers differently.

Ny release: Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12

What do I really get with Magento Enterprise vs. Object oriented code allows the eCommerce site to run more efficiently, more securely, and allows for a lot less bugs in the system.

Gift Wrapping permissions bug Fixed: Out of memory error with hundreds of thousands of coupons attached to a single sales rule Fixed: