• June 13, 2019

Lule Ahmedi, Dr. Ing. EDUCATION. Aug -. April Doctoral studies in computer science at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,. Germany – Department. University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Internet, Winter Instructor. Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi Consultation hours. Lule Ahmedi’s 36 research works with citations and reads, including: ViziTo: A system for recommending touristic Points of Interest using Bimodal.

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We investigate the Lightweight Directory Access Ahmexi LDAP that offers a rich collection of primitives to express links among distributed data collections in the network, and facilities to follow links when searching. The seminar was organized by Prof. The tool developed by a team led by Prof.

Furthermore, it allows the user to select parts that are needed for conversion, thus preventing from the unnecessary conversion.

It provides a light-weight global access to the content of XML data through a common ontology in XML from anywhere in the network, and It performs a seamless integration of data, keeping the inner mixture of allocation of data, their schemas and semantics transparent to the user.

In order to bring new practices in technology enhanced learning, an e-Learning tool named NormalDB to learn database normalization has been launched on The support for cooperation has been confirmed in the meetings Prof. An e-Learning tool to aid students in learning database normalization launched. Dear Colleague, since months now together with our student who has meanwhile graduated, MSc.

Technical Program

An e-Learning infrastructure has been designed and implemented to support e-lectures, i. Lule Ahmedi has arranged signing the agreement, and will be in charge to coordinate the project on behalf of University of Prishtina.

We describe the internal LDAP data representation and query model used by the processor for the storage and querying in XPath of XML documents based on links, and provide examples to illustrate them. Databases, Internet databases Organisation and supervision of seminar works: Hilmi Haxhihamza, Efficiency of cache-replacement algorithms while retrieving data from a relational database and XML files in a web based system, Limiting the domain of integration to a predefined collection of terms and their relationships in form of ontologies makes the problem of integration easier.

Sabanci University, Turkey Invited distance lecture, master studies: Riinvest University College, Faculty of Computer Science Lhle of master thesis Nora Pireci-Sejdiu, Comparing text similarity algorithms for query recommendations in search engines, Miftar Miftari, Analysis of similarity functions in recommender systems, Here is the video demonstrating the usage of our StreamJess system, and here the accepted paper.

  EN 14350-2 PDF

Ahmedi was among invitees in this meeting which aimed to bring together oule involved in science and innovation in Kosovo, and share their experiences and impression of the role of women in country with regards to research and innovation. Analysis and design of databases, Database programming lab courseXML and databases, Semantic Web, Wrapper generation team project courseSocial network analysis team project courseAdvanced algorithms and data structures, Software engineering, Object-oriented software engineering.

Ahemdi to contribute to the and Times Higher Education World University Rankings through the Academic Reputation Survey questionarie as a representative of the country and the field of expertise computer science.

Co-founder of the conference for free and open source software Software Freedom Kosova Conference. Organisation and ahjedi of seminar works: This event is very important for the role it should play for science and development here in Kosovo “. Access is given to a wide range of individuals, from water experts to WSN engineers, to general public. If there are more than single POIs preferred per reviewer, and there remain more than requested POIs of the highly ranked reviewers to select among for recommendation, a similar centrality algorithm is applied over a reviewer-POI network with links representing a certain reviewer prefers that certain POI.

Lule Ahmedi – The Mathematics Genealogy Project

Wireless sensor networks WSNs are aiding water quality monitoring with support for real-time and remote quality measurements in terrain. The FOAF ontology has become a core model for describing social data of people and their links on the Web, and the people ranking is growing in popularity ahmeddi search engines are considering the author’s reputation of a Web page when generating search results.

The Internet of Things IoT vision is to connect uniquely identifiable devices that surround us to the Internet, which is best described through ontologies. Water quality datasets are transmitted at pre-programmed intervals from sensing stations deployed in the river to the server at university via the GPRS network.

Reinterpret existing software solutions to readily enrich them with semantics.

ViziTo is a system which recom-mends a touristic POI for a tourist, based on bimodal social network analysis SNA and its specific metrics. In our case we are focused on domain of online shopping. A shift in water monitoring approach from traditional grab sampling to novel wireless sensors is gaining in popularity not only among researchers but also in the market.

Finally, the evaluation results lul our approach of including context ontology in the mining process are promising: Invited distance lecture, master studies: As part of that project, this national background report on ICT research for the period has been prepared.


Query processing systems enable querying, but to the best of our knowledge, Semantic Web rules are still unable to handle the required reasoning features for effective inference over stream data, i. The main purpose of this system is to find and to represent products which are retrieved from shopping web stores based on search terms entered from users. Journal Tourism Management, Elsevier Impact factor: Click here to access the Water Portal developed, which provides in real-time every 10 min and over distance raw water quality data of Ljle river measured through wireless sensors deployed in Sitnica.

Finally, the national background report introduces ICT research priorities on the basis of the country’s readiness, as well as priorities agmedi the basis of future potential.

Preliminary semantic ranking results are demonstrated, showcasing also the huge potential of this ranking approach for adopting it by search engines where our future work will focus.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

The thesis is published as book by Logos Verlag Berlin and is available via http: In Julya promotion closing event of the InWaterSense project inwatersense. Results obtained suggest that the latter produces novel rules with strong confidence and support, not encountered in former two experiments. Dardan Shabani, we are conducting a research study related to query recommendation, i. Moreover, it kule already promising since incorporating location in?

Lule Ahmedi

Executive Summary Information and Communication Technologies ICTs present the technological fundament ahhmedi the information and knowledge based society. Although Semantic Web builds on well-established foundations and we are witnessing its expansion across multiple domains, the community has to-date been rather keen on building hybrid ontology-based water quality management systems.

Nowadays with the raised necessity to serve data through the Web in a rather Linked Data model similar to the way DBpedia extracts structural information from Wikipedia, it is becoming usual to require existing data provided as tables to get mapped into RDF. As the result, a cooperation on a certain common research topic of interest is under way and subject to further extension.

In this paper, we enable stream data support and thus a timely ahmedu of faulty water quality statuses by also extending our ontology with the pollutants module. These latest technologies readily enable numerous advantageous monitoring arrangements like remote, continuous, real-time, and spatially-dense and broad in coverage measurements, and identification of long-term trends of parameters of interest.