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Show more. (96)Get rights and content P. Tougne, H. Hommel, A.P. Legrand, N. Herlin, M. Luce, M. Cauchetier. DOI: /(96) Cite this publication + 2. André Legrand at École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles. André Legrand. (Pease et al., ; Leon and Legrand, ). Human-. derived al., ; Léon and Legrand, ). Research Letters 32(3):L

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All these conditions are conducive to the development of myopia if myopia results from an exertion of continuous accommodation. Discharge patterns of single geniculate neurons during legrnad rapid eye movements of sleep. Your subjects were adults who had not become accustomed to this kind of correction, whereas children who have never seen any other way may not be aware of the legdand.

Schubert, did you have a control group who went through this with blank lenses? Refractive characteristics of chimpanzees.

They also form chains to make up larger units Figures 2 and 5. J Viral Hepat ; Genetic variability of hepatitis C virus in South Egypt and its possible clinical implication.

Comparison First, a hierarchy is natural to a language as an information-bearing sys- tem; the visual system, as an analogous information-bearing system, must have a hierarchy. Development of Optical Characteristics for Seeing those of humans. In my review of early studies, I found reports that girls develop myopia earlier than boys, but girls read much more effectively than boys.

In addition to these acquired palsies, paralyses of gaze occur occasionally as congenital or developmental legrqnd. It is apparent that, if the visual system is using its own particular coding for its own particular language, each of the other sensory systems is doing likewise, and the same thing is occurring in the cognitive and motor spheres. These comparisons suggest that the eye is normally a sphere and that the shape is determined by the variables of genetics, scleral elasticity, and intraocular pressure.

How to cite this article: As indicated earlier, myopia usually does not develop until approximately years of age; consequently, we would not expect to see a great degree of myopia below this age level.

None, Conflict of Interest: Furthermore, if the same significance level is used, there is no difference in diameter between the hyperopic and emmetropic eyes, and the myopic eye is significantly longer than the emmetropic eye in the axial diameter and significantly longer in every diameter than the hyperopic eye.

At the time of the Second World War, the armed forces began to gather the second- generation men as employees, and these men moved their families into the village of Barrow. There was nothing to suggest a spurt of ocular growth at puberty, nor did variations in the age of on- set of menstruation influence ocular growth or ocular coordination. Time Course ofSaccades The reason for laboring this point is to bring to your consideration the idea that visual perceptual input is not continuous, as it seems to be, but discontinuous, very much like the successive frames of a motion picture.


This model is derived from what we have described earlier, inasmuch as programming is the arrangement of hierarchic units with better and worse alternative sequences and with alternative sets of units from different sense modalities and different spheres, which may or may not be included in the chains.

Because the person who is reading effectively has demonstrated that he does not have serious problems along these lines, only the person with definite reading problems would have to be ex- amined this thoroughly. Eye Movements and Perception fixations along the indicated track. Hepatitis C virus infections reported over 11 years of surveillance in Saudi Arabia. The in- fluence of the semicircular canals is, however, easily seen in the contra- versive displacement of the eyes in response to rotation of the head or irrigation of the ears with warm water conversely, cold water causes a deviation of the eyes to the side that it is applied to.

The phasic relation of a component of alpha rhythm to fixation saccadic eye movements.

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Epidemiological characteristics and response to peginterferon plus ribavirin treatment of hepatitis C virus genotype 4 infection.

The refractive characteristics of the eye may be readily determined by retinoscopy, either with or without a cycloplegic drug, such as atropine or Cyclogyl cyclopentolate. Finally, if the experimental subjects do not develop myopia at the same rate, but the rate is significantly greater in the near-work than in the control situa- tion, it can be assumed that there is an interaction between heredity and environment.

A series of investigations by van Alphen21 supplied some of the missing links in our understanding of factors that contribute legranc changes in ocular size. Figure 1, based on data from the original group, presents the propor- tion of persons requiring a minus lens for correction, by age groupings from 6 to 88 years of age.

Interrelations of visual measures. It is a ques- tion of enriching one level by considering another level, and understanding more about one level by studying it and by referring to higher and lower levels. Although one cannot evaluate the genetic component directly, it is possible to measure scleral rigidity and intraocular pressure independently and to estimate the contribution of the genetic compo- nent from those measurements.

It is our belief that this continuously exerted ten- sion interferes with the nutrition and metabolism of the retina, choroid, and sclera and results in the weakening of these structures, legfand that they begin to stretch. Hepatitis C virus subtypes circulating among intravenous drug legand in Lisbon, Portugal.


Clin Lab Haematol ; Whereas the eyes precede the head on lerand gaze in the normal person, the head precedes the eyes in the child with congenital apraxia. Reprinted with permission fromCogan. GAARDER mation and the limitations of language, each level of the legrsnd is able to contain only some types of information; the higher one goes in the hierarchy, the greater the degree of complexity that can be conveyed and the more complex the rules for this conveyance.

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Myopia Research Foundation, Exponential spread of hepatitis Legrabd virus genotype 4a in Egypt. A typical fixation eye jump might result in an apparent displacement of 0. Give them a set of lenses that exactly correct their error. YOUNG between the first and second years, at which time the eye has not yet attained its adult size.

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These Eskimos learned to read, and the data show that among them the proportion of myopia begins to increase. Normal and Abnormal Ocular Movements sible for the static tonus, and the semicircular canals respond to accelera- tion and deceleration in such a way as to maintain the inertia of the eye position. As a result of this basic similarity, it should be possible to study the influence of various factors, both environmental and genetic, on the development of myopia in chimpanzees and, by ex- tension, on other primates and to generalize the findings to the humans.

Vertical movements are unaf- fected. It is generally thought that the use of cycloplegic drugs over such a period as several days to a week will induce the maximal degree of lenticular relaxation.

Therefore, for our study, we induced 1. Convergence is unaffected and, except for the compensatory head move- ments and the expressionless facies, the defect causes no functional handicap. Control animals placed in chairs similar to those used in the visually restricted space but without the visual-restriction hoods showed an aver- age change of one eighth of a diopter over a 1-year period, while the ex- perimental animals were showing changes greater than one diopter over the same period.

It is this sort of gradual variation in illumi- nation that the retina works with, and never the abrupt changes that are so easy to provide outside the eye. The problems faced in pursuing this type of experimental approach with human subjects are comparable with those confronted in the co-twin control approach.