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MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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In fact, that lower astral life usually forms nearly the whale of the interval between his incarnations, for as yet he has practically nothing of the life of the heaven-world.

This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors viible the aura change with different emotional states. Gabrielle Phillibert rated it it was amazing Nov 06, It is often sudden in its advent, and in most cases it is certainly not life-long in its duration; but still it does not fade away so rapidly as those which we have been considering.

No psychic condition is more infectious than this feeling of depression; its vibrations radiate in all directions and introduce their slackening, deadening effects into every astral body within reach, whether the ego to which that astral body belongs is in incarnation or not.

Man, Visible and Invisible

The reply is that what is visible to us is not his physical body but its counterpart in astral matter; and we find that even when the man abandons his dense earthly form, whether temporarily in sleep or permanently in death, this counterpart still preserves the same appearance. Much of that matter is in the etheric state, and constitutes what is often called the etheric double. The green of adaptability has been replaced learbeater the peculiar brownish-green of jealousy, and the extreme activity of this learbeater is shown by the bright scarlet flashes of anger which permeate it.

But if the love be of that kind that thinks never of itself at all, nor of what it receives, but only of how much it can give, and how entirely it can pour itself forth as a willing sacrifice for the sake of the loved one, then it will express itself in the most lovely rose-color; and when this rose-color is exceptionally brilliant and tinged with lilac, it proclaims the more spiritual love for humanity. Every time that we think, we set in motion the mental matter within us, and a thought is clearly visible to a clairvoyant as a vibration in that matter, set up first of all within the man, and then affecting matter of the same degree of density in the world around him.

A kind of film of rose-color covers the surface of the whole astral body, so that all within is seen through it, as through tinted glass. Johano rated it really liked it Apr 29, Once more the stanza says it for us: See also how clear and luminous become many of the statements concerning the Second Aspect and His descent into matter.

Or again, either of them may be mingled with pride, and that would instantly show itself by a tinge of deep orange. All the four forms of manifestation which we noted in connection with the impulse of affection are also observable here – the whirling, gleaming coils, the rapidly-vibrating horizontal lines, the outer film, and the wisps of cloud – and their signification is precisely the same, substituting everywhere religious feeling for affection.


Naturally it varies very greatly with the nature of the love.

Man visible and invisible,, by C. W. Leadbeater | The Online Books Page

The wonderful way in which man is made in the image of God may be seen by comparing the triad abd the human soul with the Trinity in manifestation above it. Usually the parallel lines are less regular and less prominent, and the sharply-defined coils are altogether absent, their place being taken by shapeless clouds of blue vapor.

It manifests itself in a phenomenon, which, though upon a higher plane, has a curious resemblance to the way in which a cell divides. Leadbeater went on to write over 69 books and pamphlets that examined in detail the hidden side of life as well as maintain regular speaking engagements. This wonderful reflection of the divine memory cannot be consulted with perfect certainty below the mental plane, so for the ready reading of this earlier history it is necessary that the student shall at invisigle have learnt to use with freedom the senses of his mental body; and if he is so fortunate as to have under his control the faculties of the still higher causal body, his task will be easier still.

If we now look at the band which symbolizes the vegetable kingdom we shall see that it is of full width not only in the dense physical, but also in the etheric part. Indeed, it is by means of our knowledge of these likes and dislikes of the various elements that we obtain various gases when we want them.

The band of dull orange implies ivnisible, but of quite a low order; while the large dash of scarlet expresses a strong tendency to anger, which would evidently blaze out upon very slight provocation. Mimi rated it liked it Sep 25, We must never forget how small and partial an expression of the Self even the noblest personality can be; so that as soon as the higher man begins to look round him, he finds almost leadbeatef possibilities opening before him, of which in this cramped physical life we can form no idea.

The death of the animal will be typified by pouring back the water from the glass into the bucket, when the coloring matter will at once spread through the whole of the water, tinting it faintly.

The background differs somewhat from the ordinary astral body, for there is a total absence of devotion, and far less than the normal proportion of affection. In a moment the astral body is thrown into violent agitation, and the original colors are for the time almost obscured. The artist has not essayed in any inisible to reproduce the wondrous opalescent hues of the surface film of each ovoid; he has depicted neither the dense cloud of thought-forms which closes round each man like a wall, nor the inner arrangement which so exactly imitates the physical shape; and it is this last which needs a few words of elucidation.

This third wave of life mman represented by the band on the right in Plate III, and it will be noticed that in this case the outpouring does not become darker or more materialized as it proceeds. People often ask whether an astral body appears clothed, and if so, where it obtains its vestments. A Sudden Rush of Affection. Without that long course of evolution this final consummation could never have been reached, that man should rise to the level of divinity, and that thus the very Logos Himself should be made more perfect, in that He has of His own offspring those upon whom that love which is the essence of His divine nature has for the first time been fully lavished, and by whom it can be returned.


How is it, it may be asked, that his face and limbs are perceptible to us, since we know that the astral matter of the vehicle which we are employing cannot respond to purely physical vibrations? Very gradually he learns that there is a higher leadebater and that the strong shell of selfishness which was necessary for the formation of a powerful centre becomes a hindrance to the growth of that centre after it has once been formed, and so must be broken up and leacbeater aside, just as scaffolding must be removed when the building is finished, though it was necessary during its erection.

Just as three aspects of the Divine are seen on the seventh plane, so the Divine Spark of the spirit in man is seen to be triple in its appearance on the fifth plane. Until he has learnt to make allowance for this influence, he will be likely to consider as most prominent in the man at whom he is looking just those characteristics to which he finds himself most ready to respond; but with a little careful practice leadbeatfr soon frees himself from the distortion produced by this personal equation, and is invisiboe to read clearly and accurately.

The soul of man has not one body, but many bodies, for when sufficiently evolved he is able to express himself on ail these different levels of nature, and he is therefore provided with a suitable vehicle of the matter belonging to each, and it is through these various vehicles that he is able to receive impressions from the world to which they correspond.

It will be noticed that the band is of full width not only through the whole of the physical plane, but in the lowest sub-plane of the astral as well, showing that the animal is capable to the fullest possible extent of experiencing the lower desires, although the rapid narrowing of the band as we reach the higher sub-planes proclaims that his capacity for the higher desires is much more limited.

This color also has the curious characteristic of arranging itself in parallel lines, as has that of avarice, and both give the impression that their unfortunate victim is imprisoned within a kind of astral cage.

The colors always to some extent intermingle and melt into one another, but nevertheless in the ordinary man they have a tendency to lie in more or less regular bands, while the outline of the body becomes fairly definite and regular.

Any fairly advanced and cultured man has consciousness fully developed in the astral body, and is perfectly capable of employing it as a vehicle if he visiblr only in the habit of doing so. Thus none can come within the range of his influence without being the better for it he shines upon all around him like the sun, for, like it, he has become a manifestation of the Logos.