• June 19, 2019

1 ReviewWrite review? id=LIm3AAAACAAJ. Wolna kultura. By Lawrence Lessig. About this book. 15 Lawrence Lessig, Wolna Kultura [Free Culture] (Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne, Warszawa, ), p. 16 See Creative Commons, Choose a . book by Lawrence Lessig. Lawrence Lessig. 2 references. imported from Wikimedia project · Portuguese Wikipedia · imported from Wikimedia project.

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This kind of common creation means obeying laws of the language and keeping the neutral point of view, following rules of publishing, public monitoring of the content and discrediting inappropriate behaviors.

Electronic Frontier Foundation website [1]. This is the official translation of liberty. It means as well that knowledge is distributed quickly and directly to interested groups and can become the object of discussion.

Copyright law might have been laqrence sync with analogue era, but not to digital world. Ideas lesisg by Wikipedians are clearly showing constructivist consciousness of this community—where leading ideas are to build the social construct of human knowledge of a particular time in an appropriate form and with all consequences.

Discussions and lessi are the basic rules of common monitoring of the content. Lawrence Lessig understood that culture development means remixing its contents freely, operating on masterpieces of previous epochs, rebuilding and reconfiguring texts and images of both well known and forgotten artists Lessig This is the translation of freedom from the perspective of the mankind memory.


The best definitions are ambiguous. A diary in the strict sense of the term. In this kawrence, copyright piracy lesskg prevalent in Poland and legal tools aimed to protect interests of artists have failed. A day after the book was released online, blogger AKMA suggested that people pick a chapter and make a voice recording of it, partly because they were allowed to. Wikipedia [3] The idea of Wiki is used not only to create encyclopaedia.

This kind of activity provokes of course strong disapproval among lawyers and media owners. You have to log in to notify your friend by e-mail Login or register account.

Filozofia Publiczna i Edukacja Demokratyczna. This is a kind of the official language of net communities. And yet there has never been a time when the concentration of power to control the uses of culture has been as unquestioningly accepted as it is now.

Lessig concludes his book by suggestion that as society evolves into an information society there is a choice to be made to decide if that society is to be free or feudal in nature. In response to a real, if not yet quantified, threat that the technologies of the Internet present to twentieth-century business models for producing and distributing culture, the law and technology are being transformed in a way that will undermine our tradition of free culture.

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Free Culture – Lessig

Nasza odpowiedz na krytyke. The Extensions of Man. Translated [from Polish] Norbert Guterman. In fact he means Web 2.


Nowy front walki z antypiratami. Twórca Creative Commons wkracza do akcji

No Cost of Freedom? Moreover, Internet Archive with its Wayback Machine gathers past memories of the Web—old versions of web pages, early search engines etc.

Therefore, the sphere of informal communication is interfering with the official discourse—to the detriment of privacy. IA website On one hand the Internet is the biggest archive of semiosis, and on the other—its main problem is the usability of enormous amount of accessible data.

For example, if law treats intellectual property as tangible property, than metaphors outside the copyright legal system, such as piracy apply. The Web repository connects the cultural heritage with the contemporariness and with—the most interesting from the anthropological point of view—the sphere of informal or even intimate narrations.

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Never ever before—even on ancient Agora—has such an open and transformable sphere of human communication existed. The problematic gap between legal and social norms exists in copyright law. However, the analysis of informal narrations on wlna Web enables us to treat this platitude of understanding the medium as a serious misinterpretation. Citizens used to be free to think whatever they liked.

American culture was born free, and for almost years our country consistently protected a vibrant and rich free culture.