• June 19, 2019

Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors. KROHNE 03/ – – TD IFC R05 en. The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the . 2. The high-performance solution. IFC is the only electromagnetic flow converter with 3 x diagnostics of instrument, application and .

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F over range A The current or the corresponding measured value is limited by a filter setting. F flow exceeding limit Measuring range exceeded, filter setting limits measured values.

Get Best Price Request a quote. S flow profile Measured value is not zero krohhne the case of a non-homogenous magnetic field. Crimp the wire end ferrules onto the conductors 7, 8 and 9.

Process and ambient temperature too high. No data can be loaded from the backplane when replacing electronics. Signal converter monitors cable breaks and short circuits acc. Status Messages And Diagnostic Information Setting as indicated on sensor nameplate C 1.

For devices used in hazardous areas, additional safety krohhne apply; please refer to the Ex documentation.

Krohne IFC 300 Flow Converter Manual PDF

This error also occurs when a module has been added ufc removed without confirming the configuration change. Report damage to the carrier and to the local office of the manufacturer. Be sure not to damage the stranded drain wire 1.


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The shielding MUST be connected in the housing of the measuring sensor and signal converter. Tables Of Settable Functions Only available, if pulse filter Fct. If you nevertheless use shielded cables, the shield must NOT krohnee connected in the housing of the signal converter.

Not valid for CAP capacitive! A D0 1 changeable 2 not activated bus terminator 3 activated bus terminator 72 www. Make sure not to damage the stranded drain wires 1, 20, Start of dosing when dosing function is activated. Depending on the fic, the status outputs and limit switches must be kdohne passively or actively or according to NAMUR EN !

For the CAP option capacitive a value for empty pipe detection is displayed which does not refer to the fluid conductivity!

These instructions contain important information for the handling of the device. For information about possible status messages, their meaning and cause refer to Status messages and diagnostic information on page Slide the display and then the metal puller devices back into the housing.

I power fail The kfc was not in operation for an unknown period of time, because the power was switched off. F current output C Error, operational fault in current output for terminal C. There is also the risk of damaging the device or parts of the operator’s plant. Calculation of mass flow with constant density of product; range: Our Products Vissers Sales Corp.


Scope Of Delivery Check krohbe the correct supply voltage printed on the nameplate. Counters did not run during it.

KROHNE Ifc ALTOMETER Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter B | eBay

Check the packing list to check if you received completely all that you ordered. The signal converter supplies the power for operation activation of the subsequent devices, observe max. Type A DS signal cable: S empty pipe 1 or 2 measuring electrodes are not in contact with the medium; measured value is set to zero. If this limit occurs sporadically in processes with air pockets, solid contents or low conductivity, then either the limit krone to be increased or 030 pulse filter used so as to quell the error messages and also reduce the measurement errors.

The two empty pipe messages cannot appear at the same time. The device has been operated with the following medium: