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The Vertical Jump Bible Deluxe By: Kelly Baggett Copyright by Kelly Baggett. All rights reserved 1. No portion of this manual may be. Details from internet about “Vertical Jump Development Bible”. Can’t create Kelly Baggett’s Vertical Jump Bible (Athlete testing inside Sep 10, An Interview With The Vertical Jump Bible Creator, Kelly Baggett the squat in sports performance; His new book, The Vertical Jump Bible

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Not all kicks are equal. A good mechanic looks are your car, listens to it, evaluates it, and then determines what’s wrong with it makes a diagnosis. My vertical right now is probably 22 inches Bodyweight lbs Strength Bench 95×8 Squat 95×8 Deadlift x6.

Effortless Plans Of Vertical J

The extra range of motion stimulates so much more muscle mass they pay off that quick. Last edited by RenaissanceBrah; at Take that same index finger and, holding it just half an inch or so away from the table, tap it as fast as you can.

Why the best dunkers are born and not made Identifying your potential, fiber type, and neurological characteristics How long does it take to get gains? That’s how someone like a Kevin Durant and people with similar measurables and body structures can jump well even though they’ve never seen a squat rack in their life.

They’re both fluid, but only one of them has any power behind the fluidity. A big reason biible some individuals can jump well with no or little training is because they’re naturally put together well and inherently transfer energy into the ground very efficiently.

VJ Bible 2 – Free Download PDF

Watch a bad jumper jump and most of the time it’s the opposite – loud, rough, and not something that conveys the illusion of artistry. These 3 extensors consist of the calves ankle extensorsquadriceps knee extensorsand glutes hip extensors.

The truth of the matter is unless you push your strength to the limits like a highly competitive powerlifter, squats are more likely to make you faster. So, you’re basically doing 3 sets of 5 with a good working weight.

Although not a HUGE factor as far as how much you can influence it, having stiffer tendons can give you a bit of extra oomph in your jump. So it’s not uncommon to see a few months of practical information spread out into 4 or 5 years. Defying the effects of gravity – One athlete at a time. Training in general How he makes things simple yet still effective The role of Olympic weightlifting in sports performance The role of the squat in sports performance His new book, The Vertical Jump Bible 2.


Some people are more like a truck and some people are more like a racecar. For example, you can set up 2 different workouts and alternate between them. The reality is great athletes can really ramp up something called rate coding and this is largely due to the inherent excitability of their central nervous systems. The junctions between your nervous and muscular system become fatigued, so a given amount of charge from your nervous system fails to activate the muscular system to the same degree.

Wasn’t very active, did one day of lower body workouts with 1 legged squats and some plyos. Well, I don’t think it’s anywhere near that simple.

Vertical Jump Bible is here

Therefore, most of the time I recommend sets of 5 or 8 rather than sets of 1. Strength – Do all of these Squat: Throughout the years of trial and error I can clearly tell you that practising the sport specific movement almost everyday during the summer is where I saw most of my gains. This manual may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of Kelly Baggett, except in the case of a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages for the sake of a review written kel,y inclusions in a magazine, newspaper, or journal — and these cases require written approval from Kelly Baggett prior to publication.

Improving stiffness and plyometric proficiency is an important part of jumping higher. Any improvement in your vert are really just a matter of increasing two count them, just two foundational descriptive qualities. It’s for that reason that Yuri Verkoshansky preferred deeper squats for jumpers. Everyday for almost This is supposed to be the section where I talk about and define some of the important underlying scientific terms we’ll be dealing with throughout this book.

One out of 50? But how many people front pressing for reps or a whole weight stack with a dumbell chained to it on a selectorized 48 press machine have weak and small delts? Too many people spend too much time learning too many exercises. All rights reserved 1 No portion of this manual may be used, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic of mechanical, including fax, photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system by anyone but the purchaser for their own personal use.


The duration of high tension is largely responsible for strength increases. You can fail to be plyometrically proficient for one of 3 reasons: Therefore, athlete A is going verticwl be able to squat more than athlete B, but athlete B is going to smoke athlete A in a Vert.

Whether thru testosterone, natural selection, or some other undiscovered variable, one with vertocal fast twitch fibers is more than likely to have an “X” frame physique, which is a structure well suited for speedstrength activities.

Jmp per WEEK, not per day. So, for each unit of force they develop they will be able to transfer a lot of that into the ground. At very high efforts a given motor unit will continuously fire and relax and repeat that process at a very high rate of speed.

Frequency for more advanced athletes: Any activity you perform on your feet can strengthen your calves to a degree. Let’s say you run a 40 yard dash in 4. Stretching them multiple times a day is even better. A stone-age setup would include 2 exercises, the squat and calf raise — and those exercises work just as good today as they did 40 years ago. Strengthening your calves with high loads can easily and efficiently help stiffen up your ankles and in this sense being “stiff” is a good thing.

Shortly afterwards, I tried air alert.

VJ Bible 2

However, in my experience many people focus so much on staying light they limit their strength development because they limit their muscle mass gains. You can usually just cut back on the high fatigue activities but you can go even more extreme and pull it all out.

Once you get all 3 bibld of 5 with a given weight increase the weight by lbs the following workout. But a lot of trainees get disappointed if they go on a strength bbible and don’t gain 10 or more pounds each and every week! I will discuss neural factors extensively later on, but they all refer to how efficiently your nervous system works to coordinate your movements and how strong your neural signaling is.