• June 13, 2019

In January , Jeffrey Katzenberg, then the head of Disney’s motion wrote a memo that ended up being circulated throughout Hollywood. In late January , fax machines were humming all across Hollywood, spreading the news that Jeffrey Katzenberg, then head of production. Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire has plenty of memorable scenes, little moments that have lodged in pop-culture consciousness long after.

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How Year-Old Katzenberg Memo Changed Disney – Hit & Run :

Joshua Corning is correct. That memo was widely circulated around LA within 24 hours, and I think Jeffrey was very embarrassed by the amount of criticism he and the memo received. But if you were to point to a company that exemplifies that vision of a studio, it would be Pixar.

What Katzenberg said in is still true now — for all the appeal of new technology and special effects, the original idea is king. Vidiot and MikaelaArsenault like this. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap. While Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were at their peaks when Toy Story was made, Pixar has an excellent track record for producing hits with non-A-list vocal talent.

I wasn’t too much of a fan of A Bug’s Life. VidiotSep 21, I think my wife and I both like it more than our four year old. And he, in turn, was beloved by the world, except in when he was criticized for his controversial cartoon Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors.

You’re right about Antz though, which, by casting Woody Allen as the lead, set up Dreamworks as the anti-Pixar in terms of humor and tone. How is this even possible? You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Looking back, he was right: And- Disney must have an army of behavioral psychologists or whoever covers this stuff beavering madly away away studying body language and nonverbal signaling in order to portray all sorts of exaggerated and stylized behavior for their animated characters especially females. Also during that period, with the assistance of a box office bomb that Katzenberg had warned aboutDisney downsized its traditional animation studios.

I firmly believe that the recent marriages between Japanese hardware makers and American movie makers may not be ones made in entertainment heaven.

I also get the sense that post-Katzenberg Katzdnberg stays closer to the talent-development model than the megastar model Katzenberg decried. There was a real Poisidon Adventure vibe about the whole thing. Seriously, does anyone like Animal Kingdom? Sincewe have slowly drifted away from our original vision of how to run our movie business. It was okay, but I liked Antz more. The Princess and the Frog is an excellent movie, both kayzenberg it’s musical story and animation.

InThe Walt Disney Studios had already been through the full cycle. The decision-making pyramid should remain short and squat, with a minimal distance between the place where the ideas come in and the verdicts get delivered. C’mon – it needed to be said.

Jeffrey Katzenberg “The World Is Changing” 1991 Disney Memo

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I’m sure most of you already knew that Katzenberg allegedly The current condition of our business is typical enough of American businesses that an entire management theory has been developed to describe it. Why else would they make a sequel to the only terrible Pixar movie if not just to make a quick few hundred million?


A Bug’s Life wasn’t specatcular, especially when compared to other Pixar films, but it was still good. No, create an account now. Again, the result seems to be a lot of material people want to see. Discussion in ‘ Visual Arts ‘ started by kySep 21, Disney’s TV channel is powered by a vast army of adolescent apprentices, all of whom seem able to sing a little, dance a little, act a little and do a little comedy. It results in us getting punished for failure and having no upside in success.

Where’s my pizza rolls? Yes, my password is: I have no big opinions about Katzenberg, who seems to feel the producer’s natural love for the sound of his own voice.

Who’s idea was the vault? We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We succeeded spectacularly in growing a new business and re-starting the cycle. As Katzenberg put it: Remember, Katzenberg wrote that in VidiotApr 18, I’ve told this story before, when I worked for ABC, circaMicheal Eisner would send out emails company-wide with the introduction: We arrived here fresh, energetic and ready to create an entire movie studio from the ground up.