• June 12, 2019

Initially, Kasravi enrolled in a seminary. Later Born in Hokmabad (Hohmavar), Tabriz, Iran, Kasravi was an Iranian Azari. Initially احمد کسروی’s books. Azari, or the Ancient Language of Azarbayegan. By: Kasravi, Ahmad. Price: $ Publisher: Bethesda, Maryland, Ibex Publishers: , Edition:?. Kasravi’s writings may be treated in four phases. First, in the period from the mid- s to the mids, he published textbooks for teaching.

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Selected books and essays by adversaries. That was the period when the enforced modernization of the country was in full swing. They are completely different and are opposite of one another He abandoned his clerical training after this event and enrolled in the American Memorial School of Tabriz.


Performing Arts Series Bibliotheca Iranica: If there is a difficulty for the general reader, it is the strange nomenclature of that period before the introduction of surnames by the Pahlavis inand the baffling proliferation of aristocratic titles: This article needs additional citations for verification.

Topic select a topic The Iraqi invasion of and the eight years of war forged a solidarity that persisted into the s. For a comprehensive bibliographical survey on Kasravi, see below, vii. Inhe was appointed to the Department of the Inspector-General, newly created by the minister of justice, to scrutinize the tribunals of various departments. We British, with our blase attitude to our parliament and its venal members, forget just how long and hard the Iranians have fought for representative government.

Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Nonetheless, he did not wish to go to the provinces, and the minister could not find a job for him in Tehran.


While Abdolhossein Teymourtash was a strong supporter of his works, Mohammad Ali Foroughi is said to have taken strong exception to his literary theories and banned him from contributing to the Farhangestan or to continue publishing.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. He intended in part to lift the intellectual obstacles that formed a barrier to national unity and in part to propagate a degree of rationalism in a world where the ancestral culture transmitted by literature and religious faith found it hard, because of its propensity for the irrational, to incorporate scientific thought, the keystone of the incredible success of Western societies.


Ahmad Kasravi or well-wishers of the masses? Selected books and essays by scholars and writers. Most of the themes of the essay remain relevant today.

KASRAVI, AḤMAD i. LIFE AND WORK – Encyclopaedia Iranica

His perseverance on this path and the enthusiastic reception accorded by some of his sympathizers to his linguistic innovations even encouraged oasravi state authorities to decide in favor of a language reform that grew bit by bit into a movement that continues to this day.

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School Donation Program In Memory of While the Orientalist historians were charmed by these bloody ceremonies, finding them both picturesque and distinctively Persian, Kasravi saw them as mere mechanisms for despotic control.

We see that javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser – javascript is needed for important actions on the site. He rejects all argument from authority dalil-e naqliwithout which no revealed religion can stand.

The outbreak of World War I in summer engendered great hopes among the constitutionalists. Still, he approved of several aspects of Western civilization, such as constitutional government, patriotism, the rule of law, modern science, and the textile and agricultural industries, and he urged his compatriots to take full advantage of certain scientific and technological innovations idem,nos.

Encyclopædia Iranica

In his analysis of this religion, Kasravi appeals generously to reason. The deep preoccupation of the Shi’a with religious formalities, however, deprived them of the means to improve their socioeconomic condition. He accused the clergy of deceiving the people by encouraging them to go on pilgrimages as a means of attaining salvation or as a guarantee for the realization of a miracle.

Payedar, fifth printing,p. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Most of the men of the Kasravi family were opposed to the movement, which forced him to go into bpoks and devote his time to reading all the books he could find. The prophet Muhammad performed no miracles, but the Iranians know better.

It was also bookz their time that Islam became synonymous with observing certain formal rituals such as attending and weeping at mourning sessions rowzeh-khanigoing on pilgrimages and petitioning kasrwvi imams with prayers. They call both Islam, but they are not one. Is there an ultimate use for historians?

Ahmad Kasravi: Books By Ahmad Kasravi, and a List of Books by Author Ahmad Kasravi

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. It was in Kwsravi where he first became acquainted with a wide spectrum of political ideas and movements, and he soon was employed by the government of Iran in kqsravi cultural posts.


The famous halo is the butt of endless ridicule in Iran, most recently in a song addressed to Ahmadinejad in the style of the medieval poet Molavi, which has become a sort of anthem of the Tehran June: Instead of functioning as the enlightened shepherd who would lead his flock to spiritual and material felicity, jasravi misled the people, perpetrated ignorance, deprivation and superstition.

All these events had a happy outcome bookx Kasravi, for he would be freed from the onerous position of mullah idem,pp. Navvab Safavi was executed by the Pahlavis inand his followers dispersed into Khomeini’s movement, where they performed some of the rough work. It has permitted a succession of government coups d’etat, first when the Qajars’ Cossack forces bombarded the parliament inand then in when a Cossack officer named Reza Khan seized power and established the Pahlavi dynasty.

Kasravi had just turned It was just a matter for a learned cleric to administer first Iran, then the whole world, until the Lord of Time revealed himself to his favourite nation and ushered in an age of justice and the end of the world. He settled in Tbilisi, where he set about learning Russian and striking up friendships with many supporters of liberty. One of the most burning questions he addressed at this point concerned cultural relations between Iran and the West. A judge in the secular courts in the s and a university teacher in the 30s, he repeatedly quarrelled with the Pahlavi regime.

Kasravi as a constitutionalist.

At the end of the academic year, Kasravi was kasfavi unemployed, and since he could not find work in Tabriz, he decided to go to the Caucasus to look for a job in one of the prosperous towns of the region.

A politico-cultural movement grew up around the platform of his organization and from time to time carried out despicable acts such as the annual burnings of books that Kasravi considered deleterious to the education of youth.