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The main characters are Juno Boyle, Jack Boyle, Mary Boyle, Johnny Boyle and Joxer Daly. play that he is “struttin’ about the town like a paycock with Joxer, I suppose”. Act II opens with the stage directions stating that “the furniture is more. 2 ACT I The living room of a two-room tenancy occupied by the BOYLE family in a A 3 JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK ACT teapot is on the hob and a frying-pan. Juno and the Paycock Themes. “Isn’t all religions curious?-if they weren’t you wouldn’t get anyone to believe in them” – Captain Boyle, Act II.

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I killin’ meself workin’, an’ he sthruttin’ about from mornin’ till night like a paycock! Hasn’t the whole house, nearly, been massacreed? What came between the paycocl of yous at all? I’m not goin’, then. BOYLE, in his shirt sleeves, is voluptuously stretched on the sofa; he is smoking a clay pipe.

Oh, father, that’s not Rest in Peace; that’s God save Ireland.


Ah, I won’t stop very long anyhow. He is about twenty-five, well set, active and earnest. Them sentiments does you credit. Ah, any man havin’ the like of them pains id be down an’ out, down an’ out. They bow to company, and return to their places? He goes into the room on left as MARY comes out with her hat in her hand?


An 1 we kem out of it flyin’, we kem out of it flyin’, Captain. It is all vital force in man, in all animals, and in all vegetation.

Come on in, Mrs. Ordher for Joxer’s song!

Boyle; it’s all right, I assure. I’m sorry to say there’s a gradle wrong with her. It is about six in the evening, and two days after the First Act. On the mantelshelf is an alarm clock lying on its face. When he believes himself to be a man of means we see him muno on airs of grandeur. The bullet he got in the hip in Easter Week was bad jino, but the bomb that shatthered his arm in the fight in O’Connell Street put the finishin’ touch on him. Sit down, Joxer, sit down. If he’s runnin’ afther Mary, aself, he’s not goin’ to be runnin’ afther me.

Thry another one, Mr.

Plot summary

Every available spot is ornamented with huge vases filled with artificial flowers. With all our churches an’, religions, the worl’s not a bit the betther. Becoming husky, amid applause, she sits down.

Th knock at the door? Inside o’ bed or outside of it he’s goin’ to pay me for that suit, or give it back — he’ll not climb up my back as easily as he thinks. Oh, the poor darlin’. I’ll read it myself, Mary, by an’ by, when I come home.


BBC Bitesize – GCSE English Literature – Plot summary – CCEA – Revision 2

He was not what some call pious — seldom at church or prayer; For the greatest scoundrels Thee know, sir, goes every Sunday there. What ud we be collogin’ together about? You were goin’ to say somethin’, don’t be a twisther. Boyle; I’m in a desperate hurry, a desperate hurry. I want no breakfast, I tell you; it ud choke me afther all that’s been said.

Full text of ” OU Juno And The Paycock”

What’s curious about it? How are you sure of it? She goes off with the gramophone. I remember it well. BOYLE is putting on her hat and coat. I congratulate you, Mr. You won’t have to trouble about a job for awhile, Jack.