• June 16, 2019

What can someone who trains for he general functional strength, does martial arts non competitively, climbs & does parkour get from the book?. The last week or so I decided to dig back into Joel Jamieson’s Ultimate MMA Conditioning for maybe the third or fourth time. Why am I digging. Episode # Joel Jamieson Talks With Us About Training MMA Fighters, He is the author of the bestselling book “Ultimate MMA Conditioning” and is a.

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Ultimate MMA Conditioning

His stamina and power are legendary and superhuman. The chapters on periodization are excellent. Keep in mind that fighters are the target market…! I haven’t had the time to dive into Ross E’s work. Genghiz conditioningg, Oct 25, Ed Mangini rated it it was amazing Jul 14, If you’re a fighter, those three books will take you as high as you can go.

Ultimate MMA Conditioning – Joel Jamieson – Google Books

Jesse Mcmeekin rated it really liked it Aug 13, My exercises of choice were box step-ups on a in plyo box or a drag sled. Lower body exercises were barbell back squat jumps and kg kettlebell goblet squat jumps. Short, informative and to the point. The truly unique feature of BioForce is that your scores are added to a database of other combat athletes, and the resulting BioForce Performance Index you receive is literally a direct comparison of your scores to the those of other amateur and professional athletes.


This was the first time I had used one in ultkmate methodical way, and it was an incredible tool.

Dec 20, Courtney Martin rated it really liked it. Fighters stress the development of certain traits over others and their focus reflects that. Dec jmieson, Messages: I will definitely be able to put into practice many of the concepts in this book.

Knowing this, keep in mind that the specifics of the program as detailed here were tailored to my specific needs. My interests in strength and conditioning are widely varied, and not all of them compliment each other.

Anish Manohar rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Conditioniing only relevant for MMA!

Is Joel Jamieson’s Ultimate MMA Conditioning only for someone who competes?

With a grasp on the energy systems and my current levels of fitness as related to them, the next step in creating my program for Expert Series I was blocking out the time. I used a heart-rate monitor for every workout and whenever possible in classes and skills sessions so that I could quantify progress. It’s more general purpose, and easy to customize to whatever you’re training for. The book is more about principles and detailed guidelines for training various energy systems required by MMA athletes, not a done-for-you cookie conditioninf program.

Willie Gillis rated it it was amazing Sep 13, It provides an intro to programming and physiology that can lead one to explore deeper.


Brian rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Aside from tracking changes, I think the greatest benefit was learning how to strategically adjust ioel and concentration to lower my heart rate seemingly by sheer will. What really matters most is not the exercise you choose or the method you use, but rather the adaptations that result from using and applying them.

The only negative I have is that I wished it provided a more concrete sample 8 week program or something, instead of guidelines, laying out exact lifts and workouts. Best book for an overall understanding of developing the different enegry systems. Developing the heart correctly is an extremely important component of conditioning because it serves as the engine that drives the entire aerobic system. May 16, Messages: You are commenting using your WordPress.

I designed the assessment using a very specific algorithm so that each of the indexes, i.

May 12, Messages: Dec 23, Sandy rated it really liked it Shelves: Strength and power are only as good as your ability to use them.