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  • June 13, 2019

Find great deals for JBL SR 3 Way Speaker Cabinet – Unloaded. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 2 x JBL SR X 3 way (15″ & 6″ & Horn) – This model rated at watts RMS. Features woofer, horn loaded mid-range, driver on flat face. JBL. The SR Story. The SR Series is the result of more than two years of . goal of minimum size, the SR is very compact, yet effortlessly delivers.

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There are a few versions of these: I’ve had a pair of SRX for about 5 years, and they are an excellent speaker. So, I take it you’ve never seen me work.

jbl sr4735

I believe it was a dollar box if it is the SRX. Login or Sign Up.

As with any used cab the components are worth more than the whole box. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Just make sure you’re getting the right additional tools for the or else you’ll never enjoy the sound. But on the other hand, you can’t sink a 12D jbk into a 2×4 with speaker cables, and you certainly wouldn’t try to bend some wire with a power amp If you have the models with the 2 inch or driver, these are old school but top of the line.


But you can’t sink a 12D into a 2×4 with some pliers, and you certainly wouldn’t try to bend some wire with a drill, either. It’s not top of the line compared to thousand dollar boxes.

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Parts and recone jnl are still available though and for the right price some things canbe overlooked. I guess what I mean jlb say is be very careful when buying these. Well, I’d imagine the s don’t sound all that impressive without, say, a power amp or some speaker cables. Since these boxes are pretty common it’s not unusual to have people putting in non-JBL drivers when they blow the originals. And because the SR and A series are getting pretty old you’ll need to check for signs of driver fatigue, though the horns could be pretty beat and you’d never know.

Dillybar 13 july Great sounding cabs though. I’ve never needed front fills with them.


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Make sure all the components work first,if not adjust the price accordingly. Join the HC Newsletter. It was at least new street price. View the Media Kit.

JBL SR 3 Way Speaker Cabinet – Unloaded | eBay

Like a drill, or maybe some pliers? They handle a surprising amount of low end if you need to use them without subs I’ve got ‘s under them for small venues, they are very flat and therefore have excellent feedback rejection, but they aren’t nearly as long-throw as the literature suggests And it uses a 1″ exit crossed a little higher since the 8″ cone driver covers the K area.

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