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Eustațiu Ion Mihai Stoenescu s-a născut în ziua de 14 mai în familia lui Grigore și Acolo îi cunoaște pe Jean Alexandru Steriadi, Camil Ressu, Nicolae Dărăscu, – – Expozitia “Saptamâna Olteniei” de la Craiova, Saloanele . Trimite fișier · Pagini speciale · Navigare în istoric · Informații despre pagină. Istoria loviturilor de stat în România: by Alex Mihai Stoenescu(Book) Patimile sfîntului Tommaso d’Aquino: roman by Alex Mihai Stoenescu(Book). Mihai Golescu, Mariana Golescu (). Consemnări geografice Numeroase consemnări geografice, istorice, economice . , Moisescu Alexandru. Seminarul Stoenescu (Dâmboviţa); Zamfirescu şi. Drăghici sau Oltenia.

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This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Stamatiadas well as by post- Junimist critic Mihail Dragomirescuwho offered Macedonski a good reception in his Convorbiri Critice magazine. By this time, Noaptea de decemvrie had become one of the most recognizable literary works to be taught in Romanian schools. Vianu contends that, although Macedonski “never was familiar with the resigned and patient attitudes”, he was “by no ostoria an evil man. Later Orientations toward Theosophy and Social Philosophy “the poet envisaged making his interest in esoteric subjects the stoenesscu of a new literary movement.

Inback in Craiova, Macedonski founded a short-lived literary society known as Junimeaa title which purposefully or unwittingly copied that of the influential conservative association with whom he would later quarrel. These targeted Vasile Alecsandri and especially Eminescu, their context and tone becoming the cause of a major rift between Nihai and his public.

Stoenescu, Alex Mihai [WorldCat Identities]

State is fiction, and justice—an injustice That leads humanity from a bump down into a rut. Tsing-Ly-Tsi sits on the golden porch, With his eyes as small as those of mice, Under the silvery, leafy, treasure, His house is porcelain-like.

He’s young, he’s a charm, he’s a bolt, he’s a god, But in each day he feels he is swept by a dream Macedonski left Romania intraveling through Austria-Hungary and spending time in Viennabefore visiting Switzerland and possibly other countries; according to one account, it was here that he may have first met and disliked his rival poet Mihai Eminescuat a time a Viennese student.


In parallel, Macedonski was using poetry to carry out his polemics. Manliu, which introduced Macedonski through his Calul arabului. While critics agree that it is to be read as an allegory of Macedonski’s biography, the ironic text does not make it clear whether the emir actually reaches his target, nor if the central metaphor of Mecca as a mirage means that the goal is not worth sacrificing for.

I’d cry for him if in bedlam His fate were not one for the best As up to yesterday he had been dopey And now he is merely insane.

Also inLa Revue Musicale published his interview with Combarieu, through which the latter aimed to verify supposed connections between literary inspiration and musical sensitivity. During Macedonski’s absence, his style and work had come to be reviewed more positively, in particular by the istoeia authors I.

Thalassa and Caliope fall in love, but are mysteriously unable to seal their union through sexual intercourse: Partly rendered in Perpessicus, p.

In parallel, he published his first translation, a version of Parisinaan epic poem by Lord Byron[52] and completed the original works Ithalo and Calul arabului “The Arab’s Horse”. The first such figure was Junimea ‘ s Titu Maiorescuwho believed him to be a minor author, referring to him only a couple of times in his books and usually ridiculing him in his articles.

Excelsior also included Noaptea de ianuarie “January Night”which encapsulates one of his best-known political statements.

Like in the olheniei of Eminescu’s conflict with Macedonski, the polemic enlisted a negative response from the public. WellsMacedonski also wrote a number of science fiction stories, including the Oceania-Pacific-Dreadnoughtwhich depicts civilization on the verge of a crisis. Cernat notes that the same view is held by Vianu. His stance was interpreted as collaborationism by his critics.


Alex Mihai Stoenescu – Wikipedia

Reproaching Macedonski’s attacks on Alecsandri, Eminescu makes a nationalist comment about the young poet bearing “the bastard instincts of those foreigners who were Romanianized only yesterday”, and attributes him “the physiognomy of a hairdresser”. In prose, his focus shifted back to the purely descriptive, or led Alexandru Macedonski into the realm of fantasy literature.

In parallel to his literary career, Macedonski was a civil servant, notably serving as prefect in the Budjak and Northern Dobruja during the late s. According alrx Mihai Zamfir, at the end of his transition from the “mimetic and egocentric” verse to Symbolist poetry, Macedonski emerged a “remarkable, often extraordinary” author. However, Macedonski reportedly faced extreme poverty throughout the occupation.

Alexandru B. Știrbei

What followed the Mackensen article, Vianu claims, was Macedonski’s bellum contra omnes “war against all”. By the s, Macedonski developed and applied his “social poetry” theory, as branch of Realism.

Alexandru Macedonski original works in Romanian. Views Read Edit View history. Ever since that moment, Macedonski has generally been believed to be Dunaand as a result, was faced with much criticism from both readers and commentators.

Noaptea de decemvrie is the synthesis of his main themes and influences, rated by commentators as his “masterpiece”. Now that we see the people studying Let us not be hating them while they grow enlightened, Let us love them istorria brothers!

Vernescudecided against it, and was consequently stripped of his office.