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Siemens Hipath Service Manual File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens contents nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch asa 76a9. File Type Download Pdf, Free Pdf Siemens Hipath Manual File Type user manual nur fã¼r den internen gebrauch table of contents hipath. Start and Log-on Nur für den internen Gebrauch AHM Administrator Documentation File Types Customer.

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Compressing co- qdc-ccdec threshold val- consecutiveues – Consecu- good-packets tive good packets Integer 0 to Default: User ID sip-user-id Default: All further interben between the provisioning service and the phone consists of messages in XML format, which are transmitted using HTTP v1.

In this section, the error-handling by the phone is illustrated by three interaction examples. Attribute Value Description name mandatory Enumerated: The count starts with 1. The phone sends the updated data items. Autodial timer locked-configmenus Configure the auto dial timer.

A line is automatically reserved for the keyset whenever the user has selected a line for an outgoing call and hears a dial tone. Additionally, it will send discovery messages periodically to obtain a new DHCP lease. The file size for a ringer file is limited to 1 MB. Configuration Items Failed gebrauxh be Set at Phone The phone initiates a connection to the provisioning service. When set to “disabled”, all access via the admin password is disabled.


Registration timer reg-ttl seconds Integer Number of seconds. The provisioning service instructs the phone to gehrauch the provisioning service, or a proxy, along with the target URL for the polling messages, and the polling interval see Section 6.

NULL for new configuration data. For further information, see Section 3.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

This component is also involved in QDC, Music on genrauch and voice instrumentation. This represents the hardware type. Call view, Call log or Phonebook, are run within the application framework. Larger messages will be split into fragments. Displayed in the web page banner. Second certificate to enable a secure connection with the web server specified for the “send Internfn function see Section 4.

Ideal size for OpenStage Password ldap-pwd Text Default: If the reply requires a greater number of items, it must be fragmented see Section 3. This value is displayed in the banner of the web interface. Used for call signaling by OpenStage phones.

During the startup procedure, the phone contacts the provisioning service see Section 3. Value is read only.


NULL Name to be displayed on the third internal tab. The phone sends basic configuration items. Only writable when not already defined by DHCP. NULL Address or host name of the server that sends message waiting notifications to the phone.

Forwarding Favourites Destination 2 defaultforwarding-2 Text Filetpye However the provisioning service should read the changeable status of each setting and only attempt to write settings that are changeable.


Available with OpenStage V3. NULL ma separated if multiple values. NULL Date at which the file has been stored on the phone. Description Use secure calls See Section 4. The phone has a built-in web gebraich enabling both the user and the administrator to control and configure the phone via a standard web browser.

Other values are not active and reserved for future use.

In its response, the provisioning service asks for all current settings data items. Gebrauvh enterprise node Canonicaldialinglocal-node Text Default: Conference locked-configmenus Enables system based conferences optiPoint only Busy when dialling locked-configmenus When enabled, the phone will send a busy signal to any calling party when the user is dialling.

The function is available at any time, irrespective of registration and call state. Any reply by the provisioning service contains this attribute. When activated, the functions assigned to the shift level are available on the program keys. The following diagram shows an example message flow which might occur on phone startup: Bellcore-dr1, alert-emergency indicating ringing call type.