• June 18, 2019

Inspiration and Incarnation has ratings and 96 reviews. Adam said: To my great surprise, I found myself liking this book very much. Peter Enns was th. John Frame has just posted on his web page a word review of Peter Enns’s Inspiration and Incarnation. I always enjoy reading Frame’s. This study from Peter Enns is an important reconsideration of evangelical perspectives on scriptural authority, particularly in light of recent Old Testament.

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But this does not give us reason to conclude that NT authors anx wrong in their interpretation of the Old Testament. Nearly fifty years ago in ‘Fundamentalism’ and the Word of God J. The one accents the human marks and makes them absolute. He writes about the identity and purpose of the Bible by concentrating on the difficulties of interpreting some Old Testament data.

Isaiah taps into the broader theme of Christ’s victory over death, and for the rest that Christians hope to receive upon the final judgment. Helm’s recently re-published title, The Divine Revelation: I enms the fact, for example, that the OT writers often seem to not say exactly the same thing which creates tension. It is surely right to insist that Genesis does not address modern questions of a scientific nature.

In spite of the many good things Professor Enns affirms, ;eter are many troubling things to ponder. Using the biblical incarnational analogy, it is difficult to see how the Written Word of God could be imperfect and errant. Warfield had this to say Christians are bound to receive the Bible as God’s Word written on the authority of Christ, not because they can prove it such by independent enquiry, enbs because as disciples they trust their divine Teacher.


Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament – Reformation21

God acted in history to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. Available evidence transcends the labels of conservative or liberal I was told sometime back that this book could be earth-shattering. It is easy not to face real difficulties honestly.

And a failure in epistemology, his commitment to the idea of a universal cultural I was told sometime back that this book could be earth-shattering. Apr 19, Andrew rated it it was ok.

Enns is a frequent contributor to journals and encyclopedias and is the author of several books, including Inspiration and IncarnationThe Evo Peter Enns is Abram S. Once I got past his refusal to defend traditional Christian doctrine like inspiration and a closed canon, I thought the book still might be useful as an expression of a new hermeneutic that frees evangelicals from the strictures of “harmonization” and the other mental gymnastics required to defend the idea of inerrancy.

He sees non-historical tradition as part of New Testament interpretation of the Old Testament Much more than that, presumably, given the dominical and apostolic teaching about the law.

Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament

At the other extreme a positive, certainly non-critical, review appears in Evangelicals Now! From this he concludes that God “is perfectly willing to have his law to be adjusted over time.

So I was left to listen in on a discussion I should have paid attention to the subtitle. Diversity in the Bible, however, is not God contradicting himself. I would hope that ennd religious communities would take note and engage in the conversation — even those not of the Evangelical tradition. Why do the NT writers treat the OT the way they do? As always, I enjoy and benefit from reading Enns. Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament.

He certainly does not identify them and so does nothing to clear up sources of possible confusion. Books by Peter Enns. He uses the analogy incwrnation the incarnation to help us to understand the Bible – it is God’s Word and it is human.


On the other hand, he says, liberal approaches fail because they acknowledge all these difficulties in the Bible and declare that they prove the Bible to be just the work of men and not God. Log In Sign Up. Jan 15, Douglas Wilson rated it liked it Shelves: Peter Enns has stirred up something of a tempest in some evangelical circles with this book on scripture as well as a more recent book on Adam and evolution.

Review: Inspiration and Incarnation by Peter Enns | Koowon Kim –

Second, what the biblical text says elsewhere does not add to what another text says; it simply gives us more on this topic. May 21, Ethan rated it really liked it. If he believed the Bible is inerrant, he should have no hesitation in trying to defend it against false charges that it is not. The different items and the various kinds of material which make kncarnation up – ins;iration, promises, liturgies, genealogies, arguments, narratives, meditations, visions, aphorisms, homilies, parables and the rest – do not stand in Scripture in isolated fragments, but as parts of a whole.

In the same way he accuses conservatives of denying the human element of Scripture and liberals of denying the God element.

He also presents a lot of evidence that the Bible is a very human book.