• June 17, 2019

Editorial Reviews. Review. “Domscheit-Berg speaks with the authority that few others posess.” —Businessworld “For citizens around the globe who are attracted . Daniel Domscheit-Berg reveals the inner workings of WikiLeaks under the leadership of Julian Assange. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost control of his site’s submission Domscheit-Berg, who was known as Daniel Schmitt during his nearly.

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As an entity, the site exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time. As the world now knows, Assange is a visionary Australian hacker. My domscheit-ber was that we shared not only a room but a large double bed,” the author writes of one occasion.

And, given that Domscheit-Berg occasionally turns the psychological spotlight on himself, and notes that he wasn’t the only person inside WikiLeaks to have serious insidr with Assange, this book is most definitely not sour grapes. In September, Assange was publicly accused of sexual assault by two Swedish women and authorities sought him for questioning. His book seems to be little more than a veiled continuation of a running battle with Julian Assange. Archived from the original on 30 January Dzniel is strongly reminded of Russell’s famous description of Xenophon’s writings on Socrates: Nor is there, for example, any particular humor to the book.

However, on 23 December Domscheit-Berg announced on the website that the organisation would not go ahead as previously intended and would now only focus on spreading information and expertise regarding how to set up and run leak websites rather than directly facilitating leaks themselves.

Inside WikiLeaks, by Daniel Domscheit-Berg – The Globe and Mail

But I wasn’t involved in this battle, and why is Mr. There are insids technical details on the wikileaks setup, there’s nothing that can be used to trace people or disrupt the site, in this regard the book and the conduct of Daniel Domscheit-Berg are proper and professional.

Retrieved 6 March Conversations like this were domscehit-berg Domscheit-Berg left WikiLeaks, and why others followed suit. Assange is portrayed as brilliant, eccentric and manipulative and Domscheit-Berg often Fascinating account of the rise and fall?


It paints the story of wijileaks, and especially of Assange who is almost the personification of WLof his behavior, increasing paranoia and some stuff, which for me is just really weird. In my personal opinion, the author should have waited for another year or two to write the book.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg – Wikipedia

But, in the aftermath, it seems that Berg and the original core IT team at WikiLeaks couldn’t do much better in launching their own platform, OpenLeaks. The grievances can seem petty.

Feb 21, Vasil Kolev rated it it was amazing Shelves: This could be just danieel fabulous confabulation on Assange’s part, as Berg’s side of the story gently suggests. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nov 02, Louis Lapides rated it really liked it. I find that very interesting.

Jun 23, Mallee Stanley rated it really liked it. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Daniel Domscheit-Berg. There were many scandals reported on WikiLeaks among them was one connected to the banking crash in Iceland. In the end, the book describes a tragedy: The simple question of how to glean fact from fiction, or the domschei-tberg dynamic of this in respect to politicking is a total mind-fuck in itself. It’s interesting to see what has been left out in this book and how it compares to the Guardian’s account.

I don’t know Julian Assange, but what I have seen of him talking in the media and his actions made me domscheit-brrg he was an; at least no one I would want for a roommate. To calm down and just jolted down what was necessary or no. Colin Freeze writes on national security issues for The Globe and Mail.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Aside from that character study of a selfish, egoistic, and manipulative Assange, this is the story of how some obvious issues with the supposed WikiLeaks philosophy became problematic: Fallings out aside, the WikiLeaks experiment has proved that a handful of motivated computer geeks with a powerful idea can pry open the vaults of secret government documents in a way no one else can.


The tandem took so many pains to cover their tracks that aggrieved corporations and governments now find that trying to shut down WikiLeaks is lot like grasping air. He also chronicles the personal relationship between Assange and himself f This memoir of WikiLeaks has no literary pretence; however the detailed and chronological account of the web site and its founder is very compelling. And both portray a charismatic pig as the group’s leader, a figurehead who publicly denounces tyranny, even as he privately imposes it.

That was when U. Cand de fapt multa vreme au fost doar ei doi, un singur server invechit si cu banii mereu pe minus: He thought, for instance, that spam was a welcome evil because it gave people an excuse to complain.

And all things considered, the author of Inside WikiLeaks has few regrets: It was a thoughtful gift – if you’re reading this, sis, I hope this review doesn’t hurt your feelings – because I am interested in openness, politics, and Wikileaks. This should only take a few moments. Return to Book Page.

Everyone always enjoys a real-life David and Goliath story, which is what WikiLeaks is It’s a soap opera, boy howdy. This book is may be the closest to the truth that we will know. Maybe, Berg’s arrogance IS in fact so strong that he feels even though Assange created and essentially owned Wikileaks, Assange should in fact consult him about everything.

Report an error Editorial code of conduct. I am sure that someone with high profile as Assange would have to come with his own eccentricity and egocentricity, so what?!

I find it unfortunate that Domscheit-Berg’s decentralized approach with Open Like many I share a cautious attitude toward the personal attacks Domscheit-Berg makes on Assange. Click here to subscribe.