• June 16, 2019

Ilford ILFOTEC DD-X is a fine grain developer which gives full film speed. It produces negatives which are easy to print. Correctly exposed negatives developed. Ilford Ilfotec DD-X developer is an excellent fine grain developer which gives full film speed. Correctly exposed negatives developed in Ilfotec DD-X have a full. Negatives Developed in ILFOTEC DD-X Have a Full Range of Tones, with Depth in the Shadows, a Smooth Transition Through the Mid-tones and Bright.

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One of the thigns we haven;t touched here is pushing films with DD-X wth Rondial.

I find little difference in results between the two products, however the use of Rodinal at 1: They are only negative scans as I didn’t have time to wet print, but I hope they are of some use. BKA Acufine film developer to make a quarter From what I understand, you don’t want the developer to sit on the shelf too long so if you’re doing fewer batches I would say go for the DD-X.

Ilford Ilfotec DD-X 1l

Unfortunately from time to time ilforx need to part with them. Interesting link but if that’s good shadow detail and pleasing grain in the two examples given then Dxx am dd sure I will rush to DDX stand development. Order in the next 0: So, if you have actually used both Rodinal and DD-X I’d be very interested in hearing your views on the similarities and differences between the two.


Its very much a comfort thing. I’ve used DD-X to develop the following: A new paper from Ilford: Kaiser chemical storage bottle white 1,ml Content 1 piece. MACO eco kit – universal processing chemistry Please check your local sales ilgord laws. Bergger Panchro roll film Content 1 piece. So as you can see it’s not just a matter of N or N-1 etc. They also happen to have a handy smartphone app by the same name. Ilford ID fine grain film developer for 5l Content 1 piece. I’ve never tried any other developer, but at this point I have no need as DD-X has worked very well for me.

Ilford PQ Universal ml Content 0.

The time now is BKA Acufine film developer to make 1 gallon Content 0. All times are GMT. Aug 6, Kodak D powder developer to make 3. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Find all posts by Keith Tapscott. Analogue film is ulford beating heart of every analogue camera.

Description Downloads Evaluations 0. Each has it’s own flavor which can be used to artistic advantage. I find the grain to be larger compared to Ilfotec HC which is my main developer. It produces negatives which are easy to print. I shoot a majority of my black and white on Ilford films, which makes my developing ilfod consistent and my images always turn out great.


Tetenal Paranol S ml Content 0.

Ilford DDX – Film and Darkroom User

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However, having seen the number of people using Rodinal in other threads here I’m starting to wonder on what I am missing out. Read, write and discuss reviews It also develops pretty much all Ilford film, and is really your only choice for any Ilford films shot at Aug 5, 3. Although it is expensive, I do like this developer a great deal and any cost saving through a greater dilution can only make it more attractive to use.

My current “pending” tray for processing is too important for me to experiment on, but I will get hold of some Rodinal and try it out very soon especially as in my locale DD-X is currently about as available as rocking-horse pee!