• June 12, 2019

ID10T (plural ID10Ts). Leet spelling of idiot used humorously to refer to computer errors (pronounced ID ten T) to indicate that the error is the result of the user’s. This Pin was discovered by Tracy Wogoman. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Nov 5, Explore Emma Landers’s board “Please obtain form ID10T” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Hilarious, Laughing and Jokes.

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I know about hurricane watch and telephone guard even though the telephone guard thing wasn’t going on when I went there not too long agobut not salute the squirrel. Like the entire rest of the squadron was just around the corner listening and I’ve never seen so many people desperately trying to hold in laughter before.

Gotta love playing pranks on the new guys.

Id10t Form Printable

Box of grid squares for some land nav training? Want to add to the discussion? I liked to tell them idd10t find a Bit Cleaner Once I had a guy walk around the kitchen, serving area, and dining room with trash bags to collect air samples. But it was actually legitimate.

This Site For, Help You. What is your favorite prank to play on the new guy? Supervision thought it was hilarious. Later I realized that id0t not have been such a good idea so i reported that the flux capacitor was only meant to work at high speeds, and our trucks don’t go that fast, so it didn’t matter. New Lts seem to fall for it more than anyone else. I can not confirm or deny the degauser ruins cacs. Originally posted by SomethingLikeASoldier: Now I feel like I’m a dying breed.


Prop wash is a real fom now, so it doesn’t work anymore. CTK didn’t miss a beat – sent him to the cop shop. The definition of ID10T is “Computer error caused by user”. Made the FNG look for the cable stretcher for a few hours.

Or do the opposite, tell them the water fountain needs refilling and watch as the dump countless buckets of water into the damn thing.

We had a guy that would constantly leave his cac in the computer. Sent new guy into the server room looking for a vcr. We always got the new kids coming out of AIT to go ask for some 5-ton brake pads and spare tires for the Humvee during their first week of PMCS with the unit. I saw a new Lieutenant in our squadron once on the phone with “Captain Dees” getting red in the face angry. He got up and I assumed he was going to a new computer to try it.

id10t form –

Outlook Express Operator Error. Pronounced as one word with emphasis on ‘mal’ and the ‘s’ sounding more like a ‘z’. Computer port for keyboard or mouse. Cut off glove after frozen.

Error Between Chair And Keyboard. All the way in the back with the buckets of steam and Padeye Removers?!


Good way to sort out the ones i1d0t actually paid attention in tech school. When I was in Korea in an arty unit I had one of our new privates do a series of tests for me. Coast Guard Government References: Found your hat, that’s a penis.

49 top Of Id10t form Pdf

I start sucking on his dick and almost choke because I’m laughing so hard. Holy shit, not going to lie, this would scare the eff out of me even today, after working my job for 7 years. Every file on a computer. We convinced our new guy that id10h our safes needed to be checked hourly.

Definition & Meaning id10t form

Unfortunately, we didnt have a basement. I’m a fan of freezing things.

On any account, is fodm bad to make banking jokes? When I was a CPL i turned in a to the mechanics that said the flux capacitor was broken on the M Photos of people in uniform should be a public figure, or related to a news article or current event.

He said he needed 5 of us to go out to a B1, RD model, tail number