• June 14, 2019

Instructions for completing this form (FAA form) are attached. Completion is Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA). IACRA is. To fill in your FAA Form application form for Military Competency to. Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating, you must first register with IACRA. Go. To fill in your FAA Form application form for Military Competency to. Instructor, you must first register with IACRA. Go to:

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A person is not required to hold a valid medical certificate when exercising the privileges of a Student Pilot Certificate while seeking a: Applicants must fogm able to demonstrate such knowledge by interpreting cockpit indications and describing the condition of aircraft systems from these indications.

Written and maintained by actual pilot examiners and master CFIs. Although a single event is failed, retraining and retesting in all events of the flight test is normally unnecessary.

No set duration for the test is appropriate. A person who has applied for or held a medical certificate may exercise the privileges of a Student Pilot Certificate using a current and valid U. W I wrote in my logbook two flying times in a cross country space, but vorm I fix it in my logbook, but not in my IACRAwhen I got to take the check ride I thought everything was fine I signed and submited.

Answer Question Our sincere thanks to all who contribute constructively to this forum in answering flight training questions.

Form I did a mistake in the table of the flying hours? | Ask a Flight Instructor

The duration must be of sufficient time to thoroughly cover all of the required knowledge items. If you flew a solo cross country, you would record that time in both columns. To hold and to exercise the privileges of a Student Pilot Certificate, a person must be: Spell out the color of eyes.


The full name, certificate number, and address of the graduate. It will NOT allow firm first-time pilots to obtain their remote pilot certificate that day. It is still unclear whether non-current Part 61 pilots who have passed the initial knowledge exam are also eligible to pick up their temporary remote pilot certificate in person using the in person at the FSDO instead of getting their biannual flight review. When the Federal Air Surgeon reissues a medical certificate to a drug- or alcohol-convicted airman, the airman may then exercise the privileges of the new airman certificate.

Check to see that the DOB is the same as it is on the medical certificate. Ensure that all applicable boxes are checked. This information may be presented in more than one form of identification. Some applicants may not possess suitable identification as described above. Acceptable methods of identification include, but are not limited to, unexpired U.

When other crewmembers are involved, they should be briefed on their roles. I dont want ptoblem with the FAA and nothin like that? Completion of this task will result in the submission of a oacra pilot application with a recommendation to the Airmen Certification Branch.

Application forms are designed for computer processing of information.


AFS is advised to accept FAA Form with either clearly legible pen and ink changes to the boxes provided on the form or a legible attachment to the form that shows the required flight experience and is certified by the applicant initials. As a result of this problem, the language on the form was revised to comply with the new rule.


Inspectors and examiners flrm endeavor to minimize this effect by maintaining a passive role and by not becoming involved in normal crew operation. ASIs should ensure that DEs are made aware of this procedure.

8710-1 Form I did a mistake in the table of the flying hours?

Safety pilots should immediately terminate any maneuver or an entire flight test whenever flight safety is in question. Acceptable methods of identification include, but are not limited to U. The attachments must include the following and the corresponding blocks marked: Armed Forces commanding officer CO.

This section is only used by part pilot schools and their examining authority. Determine which category of aircraft the applicant intends to fly. Due to the drug statement, this date must be within 2 calendar-months of the inspector or examiner approval date. Ensure that both the make and model of the aircraft to be used are entered.

Usually, graduates of approved training programs are well-prepared.