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This practical coursebook introduces all the basics of semantics in a simple, step- by-step fashion. Each unit includes short sections of. This elementary coursebook has been carefully planned to introduce students by discovering the value and fascination of studying semantics, and move on to. : Semantics: A Coursebook (): James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith: Books.

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Intuitively, it is sometimes useful to think of sense as that part of the meaning of an expression that is left over when reference is factored out. Yes I No 3 Do the predicates in the phrase in the corner help to identify the referent of the referring expression in 2 above? Such deictic terms help the hearer to identify the referent of a referring expression through its spatial or temporal relationship with the situation of utterance.

What sense s of mean seem s to correspond most closely to the sense s that the text is concerned with? Summary In the course of a sequence of utterances, speakers use referring expressions to refer to entities which may be concrete or abstract, real or fictitious.

Feedback 1 By finding in the room an object to which the predicate contained in the subject referring expression i.

Semantics: A Coursebook by James R. Hurford

If you feel you understand these notions, take the semantcs test below. Donald, his family 4 pred: Can you think of other characteristics of utterances?

C Indicate the conventions used m the text to distinguish a sentence from an utterance. TIF 3 Conjunctions like English semanttics or German und, or French et have yet a further kind of meaning from both proper names and common nouns, and prepositions. We call the relationship between them ‘reference’.

It is not unusual to find utterances that consist of one or more grammatically incomplete sentence-fragments. All of the above examples involve indefinite noun phrases. If you got the test completely right, continue to the introduction.


The phrase, when it was used in the ‘comment’ paragraph above, actually identified a particular sheet of paper, something that you could take between your finger and thumb, a little part of the world. The coursebook will also meet the needs of those who wish genuinely to teach themselves about semantics. Practice Listed below are the remainders from the above examples. Some textbooks don’t work so well as teach-yourself hurfordd, but this book is well suited to that purpose.

Mar 22, David Harris rated it it was amazing. The availability of such expressions makes language smantics much more ‘portable’ instrument than it would otherwise be: Most of our letters from users of this courzebook, however, seem to show that it has been successful in getting its main concepts across.

Semantics: A Coursebook

Yes I No 3 Which of the following sentences is equative? As a non-native speaker of English and a beginner in learning semantics, I have much enjoyed the book and the topic though it did take me some time to finish- even more time than necessary- partly because I followed the instructions of answering the tasks used for presentation and of working out the exercises on each chapter in notebook for that purpose till the half of the book when I felt confident of absorbing the points explained and being able to follow the argument.

Some of these sentences are more acceptable than others.

Every further unit in this book will make use of one or another coursebbook these notions. The is traditionally called the definite article, and a the cpursebook article. Feedback l c 2 No: Comment Now we relate the notion of context to the notion of definiteness.

Yes I No 7 Can a universe of discourse be partly fictitious? Henry, square, expensive, and, under, not, love 5 Which of the following is correct? Practice Mark each of the following statements true T or false F.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Juan, Pablo Juan took Pablo to Rio predicator: The Edinburgh University Faculty of Arts research fund for grants to pay for the typing of the book.


Entry test 1 Which of the following most appropriately describes reference? In this sense, every speaker, from the London stockbroker to the Californian surfer speaks some dialect. The personal pronoun she is definite. The semantic analysis of simple declarative aemantics reveals two major semantic roles played by different subparts of the sentence.

For students in taught courses, each unit, or couple of units, could provide a good basis for small- group discussion. I am looking for a pencil 8 Create a set of circumstances under which the sentence Dan believes that. Circle the answer of your choice. Comment In our definition of ‘proposition’ we explicitly mentioned declarative sentences, but propositions are clearly involved in the meanings of other types of sentences, such as interrogatives, which are used to ask questions, hurfor imperatives, which are used to convey orders.

These words are called deictic words: Sentence meaning and speaker meaning are both important, but systematic study proceeds more easily if one hurdord distinguishes the two, and, for the most part, gives prior consideration to sentence meaning and those aspects of meaning generally semantids are determined by the language system, rather than those which reflect the will of individual speakers and the circumstances of use on particular occasions.

But in each case it is possible to discern one word or part of a word which ‘carries more meaning’ than the others. Yes I No 3 Are the following sentences acceptable in normal usage? Yes I No 3 Hurfotd a situation in which John is standing alone in the corner.