• June 19, 2019

As you walk towards the tourist info (marked by TIC in the map), you will reach the Hongdae shopping area on the opposite side of the road. Hongdae is a region in Seoul, South Korea near Hongik University, after which it is named. It is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and. Watch trends take form in Hongdae, a fashion-forward and forward-thinking Seoul Wear what you like and say what you mean in Hongdae. On the Map.

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Based on 51 reviews. At the shop, visitors can participate in seminars and learn to make various accessories. Sundays at Hongdae Playground are home to the “Hope Market. Do we really need to rent wifi services.?

Go m straight, and cross the street. Go on the last Friday of the month and get a “Club Day” pass.

Thank you for a very informative blog. Dongdaemun shopping district is made up of 2 main sections — hingdae retail shopping and the wholesale shopping areas. Mei Mei Reply 24 October, at 8: Main spot of Hongdae area which has an outdoor stage for indie band performance and dynamic culture of young people. Dreaming of the beach? I really appreciate it because it helps me a lot in making our itinerary. More about Hongdae Hongdae is one of Seoul’s most visited destinations.

Hondae matter what mood you’re in, don’t be afraid of standing out. Karaoke clubs, or noraebangs, thrive in Hongdae.


Hongdae, Seoul – Wikipedia

Yooni Reply 17 May, at 1: Hi, can you please tell me the best and the cheapest price for buying the cosmetics in Korea? Where you get the map? It opened in March and exhibits historical records that A hotbed for nouveau pursuits, Hongdae’s themed eateries like Hello Kitty Cafe inspire copycat establishments in other areas of Seoul. Party on, “Rock and Roll Radio. Local Seoul favorites like “The Frypan” trace their roots to Hongdae.

The best time to visit Dongdaemun is after 10pm when the night markets around Dongdaemun is set-up and you get complementary street food stalls to replenish your energy while you shop. Comments 55 Mandy Reply 24 September, at 3: Vineet Reply 11 September, at Hongdae Join the crowds pursuing artistic dreams and partying until tomorrow in trendsetting Hongdae.

Migliore, easily accessible via Exit 4, Myeong-dong Subway Station, is a starting point to shop for many tourists coming out of the subway station. Like other multi-cultural metropolitan areasHongdae Street is undergoing gentrification. After a four-year break, in Januarysix live clubs established the ‘Live Mxp Cooperative’ and with honngdae clubs, they resumed the ‘Live Club Day’ on February Watch trends take form in Hongdae, a fashion-forward and forward-thinking Seoul neighborhood.

Hongdae is more than a catalyst for new trends. The photography on this page includes work by:. Cheongdam Don’t you know who I am? Every weekend from March to November, Hongdae hosts flea markets of a unique nature. Products in Chic and Chick use only natural ingredients, minimizing the possiblity Airbnb works with local photographers to hongddae the spirit of neighborhoods all around the world.


I have read your seoul blog and found the map you upload very useful.

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There are also free concerts from 2pm to 5pm. The ones me mentioned above seems more for tourists. In the early days, thanks to then-cheap rent, budget musicians and street artists started moving into the ateliers of the Hongdae area.

The bookstores on this street have been around honggdae over 30 years and sell all sorts of publications including novels, essays, poetry, magazines, foreign language titles and rare books, all at 30 — 40 percent off normal retail prices. Refunds and exchanges are not guaranteed, so make sure to check the quality and size carefully.

Hongdae hosts parades, marches, and festivals celebrating lifestyles that deviate from the mainstream. See places to stay Save this neighborhood. Here, you will find a number of stalls lining the streets selling fashion items, such as clothing, shoes and accessories, for young women. Here, outlandishness fits right in. Do anyone have any siggestion where I can buy Korean cosmetic products for retailing. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Retrieved 8 January