• August 12, 2019

‘hiriko’ is a foldable urban electric vehicle, based on MIT media lab’s ‘citycar’. ‘ hiriko’ is a compact electric urban mobility vehicle, capable of. hiriko folding car to go on sale next year ultra compact Those of you who often have to drive into a busy city will know all too well how much. The car in question was called the Hiriko and was produced by a small Spanish company based in the Basque Country. A few hours later, the.

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Barroso climbed into the car and got a demonstration from Jesus Echave, the Spanish chairman of the Hiriko consortium. People involved with the project tell NPR that several prototypes were built in Spain.

The car in question was called the Hiriko and was produced by a small Spanish company based in the Basque Country. Of the three patents behind the project, two were never used because they were too expensive, say some workers, who are still owed their wages.

City Car: Hiriko Electric Fold-Up Car for Crowded Cities

They need to be unique — can’t duplicate what others have done hiriok what you’ve done in the past. NPR reached out to all seven officials under indictment, either directly or through their companies or lawyers.

In the freezing cold of the early hours of January 24,outside the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, a group of engineers was desperately trying to dry out the electronics of a tiny prototype electric caf using hair dryers. November 5, 5: The entire front of the Hiriko opens for carr access, and the controls swing out of the way.

Knocks at the door turned up no answer. Views Read Edit View history.

ZipCar, which offers shared cars in major U. The agreement also included an initial phase in in which the Hiriko folding was to be tested and adapted for public use in Berlin, and an official and broader roll out was planned for But the building hitiko empty now.


hiriko collapsible electric city car

Fernandez Isoird described a web of seven small engineering firms, including his firm, Denokinn, each tasked with producing a different aspect of the Hiriko car — the exterior body, the robot wheels, etc. The variable wheelbase concept of the Hiriko first featured in the Renault Zoom concept car. The company is currently in receivership, with its assets hiroko. Three versions were to be developed: They renamed the car “Hiriko,” which means “urban” in the Basque language, Euskera.

The story of this urban electric car is that of the failure of a business venture funded almost entirely with public money: Retail deliveries were scheduled to begin in A few years ago, engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology debuted a design, a decade in the making, for a car that would transform urban transportation.

Vitoria 9 ABR – Now three years later, Echave and six associates have been caar under formal investigation for alleged misuse of public funds and falsifying documents. You Might Also Like The consortium’s parent hiiriko, Afypaida, went out of business in This hitiko was last edited on 10 Marchat Each of the four wheels can turn 60 degrees left or right, enabling the car hirikoo travel sideways, which makes parallel parking a very easy maneuver to accomplish, and this flexibility allows the car to spin on its central axis.

Turns are made by moving the yoke control left or right. In DecemberHiriko and Deutsche Bahn announced an agreement to start a carsharing pilot program in Germany in to integrate the Hiriko Fold into Deutsche Bahn’s railway service to allow their customers the possibility of using a vehicle parked at the station with hhiriko to complete the last mile of the journey to their final destinations.

One would pick up a car parked close to one’s location instead of from a central rental office. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.


Outside of the abandoned headquarters of Epsilon Euskadi, one of the companies tasked with building the Hiriko car in Spain. Lauren Frayer Facebook Instagram Twitter. In fact, it’s probably for the best, says team leader Kent Larson, because in the time it took to hlriko to manufacture Hiriko, its technology has already become “obsolete.

Entrepreneurs created a nonprofit parent company, Afypaida, to manage public money pouring into the project.

But some former employees of the company, who prefer not to give their names, say the project was based on unworkable premises from the start, and that production estimates were wildly unrealistic, pointing to poor planning and project management.

The New York Times. A car as small as the Hiriko may seem inherently unsafe, but its designers say they thought about that. But why did this promising auto never hit the road? Honoring former President George H. See Hjriko, Share It. They call it Hiriko, and built a prototype with seven small firms from the Basque region of northern Spain.

The failed electric car that cost the Spanish government €17 million | In English | EL PAÍS

Several sources said they had last seen it at a warehouse in an industrial park on the outskirts of the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz. It was a mobility project. Lauren Frayer for NPR hide caption. The door is on the front.

Archived from the original on With four wheels that maneuver degrees individually, it could turn on a dime. It would drive itself — or you — around the city.

This Week in Pictures: We hirkko to track down the original, which was based on the MIT design. The Hiriko, with an electric motor attached to each wheel, does not need a drive train as a traditional car does.