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Hi ghPs i oni c s. Soulknives. Ph i l i pJ. Le c o, I I. Creating a mind blade is the core of the soulknife, and with it, she is a deadly In high psionics games, for this special case, each indicated level of the prestige. Wield the true power of a mind blade with this new supplement for d20 psionics! Included in the pages of High Psionics: Soulknives are 4 variant soulknives.

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Last edited by Prime32; at Ice Blade, your soulknife receives the frost weapon enhancement.

Warehouse 23 – High Psionics: Soulknives

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: At 1st level, the PrC may augment strikes by spending power points to apply augments, up to class level ones. As a move action, a soulknife can form a semi-solid weapon composed of psychic energy distilled from her own mind. Beyond these feats, we also get 6 traits -and all feature meaningful, cool bonuses — like the trick shot talent as well as a bonus to ranged mindblade attacks.

Are Throw Mind Blade and Psychokinetic Throw thrown weapons with maximum range of five range increments? The PrC also receives access to manifesting powers, beginning with one power and learning up to 7, with manifester level scaling up to 4th and power points totaling 71 in the end. Originally Posted by Jurai. She gains a bonus on Will saves made to maintain or form her mind blade equal to the total enhancement bonus of her mind blade see below.

A character who is already psionic instead gains the Psionic Talent feat. Blade skillmind blade mastery. A paladin could, however, be both an undead scourge and a warrior of the holy light, since none of their new class features replace the same core class feature.


In spite of the helpful Upwards!

Pie jesu domine smacks book against forehead Dona eis requiem. Last Jump to page: Hence, my final verdict will fall on 3. December 15, at A mind blade is considered a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and is considered a masterwork weapon.

Dreamscarred Press – High Psionics – Soulknives.pdf

Sneak attack is based on precision damage, soulknivse which a ton of creatures is immune. Last edited by MilleniaAntares; at You could argue analog that pretty much any class feature xyz is just as good as gaining buff a, b and c. Even in places where psionic effects do not normally function such as within a null psionics fielda soulknife can attempt to sustain her mind blade by making a DC 20 Will save.

Do they make gifted blade warsoul legal? The PrC receives uncanny soulkknives at 4th level, improved uncanny dodge at 8th level and begin at 1st level with a collective.

Soulknife Perhaps I’ll ditch the concept of it advancing war soul at all with the mind blade – things get much hairier with it that way I think.

I’m going to put some relevant blade skills in this spoiler. She can either form it into a light weapon, a one-handed weapon, or a two-handed soulknivez. The soulknife can use feats such as Weapon Finesse that work on light weapons with her mind blade, but such feats only work on mind blades in a light weapon form.

If this would reduce the enhancement bonus on the mind blades to 0 and weapon special abilities are applied, psipnics soulknife must reshape her mind blade to make the options valid. Expand the options for soulknives with this new psionics supplement from Dreamscarred Press.

Never caught unarmed, the soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the mind as a weapon. There is feint mechanics in there that emulate this ability. More articles you may enjoy: And then the Ashen Armoury smirks before manifesting a ton of daggers who proceed to skewer everyone in the room.


Tags for this Thread dreamscarred presspsionicssoulknife. The soulknife does not gain any other benefits from an increased level blade skills, etc. She may also re-assign the type of damage dealt as part of reshaping her mind blade if she so chooses. After the obligatory introduction page, including the high-power-advice sidebar we know from the predecessors, we are introduced to the first of the PrCs, the Marvel.

The soulknife may and must, when her total enhancement is higher than her maximum bonus apply any special ability from Table: Last edited by Forrestfire; at It will not influence the verdict. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. I was working on one for a while in House Rules but finally kinda gave up.

Soulknife Are there any chances we’ll see an expanded list of the armor enhancements for the armored blade archetype?

Layout adheres to the 2-column full-color standard and the book has the neat full-color artwork of the cover. I appreciate all of your feedback. Included in the pages of High Psionics: Psychic Warrior and Psionics Augmented: Each alternate class feature replaces a specific class feature from its parent class.

One-handed weapon mind blades have a range increment of 15 ft. Augmented Strike is somewhat confusing. Where the second installment sported some options that I considered to be problematic, the ones herein work in the context of both relatively gritty and high-powered soulknivs.

Awesome bookwith some OP feats

Strong, flavorful soulknife-assassin PrC. It’s a feat that specifically is advancing mind blade alone. That may just be me. Results 1 to 5 of 5.