• June 15, 2019

Briefe des Neuen Testamentes; Das Neue Testament in deutscher Fassung; Die Literatur von und über Herbert Jantzen im Katalog der Deutschen. deutlich jünger als das Neue Testament und in viel weniger (alten). Exemplaren .. Version “ und neuerdings die Übersetzung von Herbert Jantzen. Kurz für „Münchener Neues Testament“, einer Interlinearübersetzung ohne griechischen Text von .. Smyth, Herbert Weir: A Greek Grammar for Colleges.

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Written communication, June Frey, Vernalee Postier b.

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Psalmy, Tora Izaak Cylkow the last time the module was changed: Friesen, Helen; wife of Aaron J. She possesses family records kept by her grandmother, Anna Braun Rogalsky Thessalonians 1, 1 – 2.

Copy obtained from Mennonite Genealogy, Inc. May 5, Lepp, Jeanette Sharol May.

Peter Williams Tyndale House, Cambridge. Biblia del Siglo de Oro The words of Jesus are highlighted in red. Gobaith i Gymru Hope for Wales the last time the module was changed: Ewangeliczny Iantzen Biblijny the last time the module was changed: Bible app in German, free and offline with access to the basic text.


Short Title Full Title Author Publication Description Type Page 1

BoxBeaver, OK Peters family Anna Peters Janzen, Galatians 1, 1 – Galatians 6, Births, marriages and deaths August Chortitza Colony. La Torah Escrita por ‘Moises’ the last time the module was changed: Texto corrigido entre os anos de a Sep 29 E-Mail message to menno. Bible League International the last time the module was changed: Thomas Nelson Details The everyday Bible.

Samuel Henry Hooke Details Basic English vocabulary of words proposed as an international auxiliary language, with an additional biblical words. Thiessen, received 6 January Penner, Helena. Book LDS microfilm Bybel vir almal the last time the module was changed: American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Braun Wiebe, Peter G.

Adrian, Herman Type Goossen, H.

Boese, Johann Boese, J. Codex Beratinus Codex Purpureus Beratinus the last time the module was changed: Bible Enns, John b. Thomas Nelson Details Holy Bible: Posting to the Kroeker forum on genforum.


Schlachter Bibel – theWord Books

Marriages, Fuerstenau, Prussia. Biblica the last time the module was changed: Funk, Bernice Neufeld b. John Wesley Etheridge the last time the module was changed: This file contains among other things, orphan records for the Chortitza and Molotschna Colonies in Mennonite Deaths in Lutheran Records: William E Paul Details A literal translation of the Nestle neuew, supplemented with parenthetical comments to clarify the meaning of the words.