• June 13, 2019

. location tracker mb in Nederland. http://www. handleiding maken google site. Deze handleiding voor het beheren van uw rekeningen is geschreven voor beginners. .. The old 6-digit-maximum fraction will be a 9-digit maximum by there is still # Dutch (Netherlands) translation of account templates; # Like and The Gimp, GnuCash is also programmed to .

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Fix a path of freshly added XML files Add some comments about translation to the German documents where the translation wasn’t updated to match the English version. Prefer the country to language when selecting an alternate locale, but still pass the original language to gettext.

Revert to using numerical indexes for the x-axis on bar charts. If you are using the SQL backend, this is not required as every change is saved immediately to the database.

BIMP. Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP. | Alessandro Francesconi

Patch by Robert Fewell In 2. Bug – Scheduling 2nd, 3rd or 4th Wed doesn’t seem to work. We regret the necessity of this and wish to apologize for the extra work and inconvenience, and to apologize as well to the contributors whose changes were incorrectly attributed.

A couple of documentation strings for the Alphavantage API Key preference and some button mnemonic changes which change the msgid by adding an underscore.

Files using the old format will be read without problems by this new version, but the new version of GnuCash only writes the new format. Change the Size of an Image for print 4. Fix CPack package version number.


I will put the slides online shortly after the event, but they will be in German, too. Discard Nrderlands Information 7. Alpha to Selection 7. Note that Subversion access is no longer available, even in read-only mode. The headline change is for Microsoft Windows TM users: Fix a gim slash. GIMP Resynthesizer plugin adds all this functionality and helps you make your image editing more fruitful.

Bug – illegal dates in stock transactions cause corrupt file.

Whirl and Pinch 5. A previous attempt failed to set this in the installer. Of course, you’re welcome to help triage, find, file and even resolve bugs at any point, but this Saturday we’re going to focus on this explicitly, and would like your time and support to do so. Have a more generic mechanism to set Save action’s sensitivity and use it for Revert action as well. Some other fixes not associated with reported bugs were accomplished: Stroking a Path 5.

Text Context Menu 2. Bug – Crash on reload budget report.

GIMP – Documentation

Aan de slag 1. This user cache can be found in.

Bug – Gnucash asks sql passwords before wallet password. Add information about the Business tab in book options window. Thanks to all who provided feedback to help perfect it. You can find more details on this bug and track its progress on this bug report.


It makes the canvas larger and heals the transparent border. Find Info About Your Image 4. This trial has been quite successful, and the developers are now preparing to make it an official mirror of the Subversion repository. I know, I should have done the formating in a separate patch – sorry for the inconvience.

Intersect Layer Mask with Selection 7. Widen the scope of the subsplit merge scrub function. Lists, Lists And More Lists 3. Creating New Layers 4. Bug – Update instructions for updating quote prices by cron.

The GnuCash development team is pleased to announce that we’ve fixed bug Bug – Cannot start aqbanking Wizard, which was due to a Mac-only bug in a dependent library.


Bug – Cannot create account with different currency Bug – User specifies source of ‘num’ field’; either transaction number or split action requires at least GnuCash 2. Correctly re-value splits when the transaction currency is changed.

Test it and help us discover all bugs that might show up in there. Nederlandds could be considered as a more realistic variant of sharpening providing the image some clear details.