• June 20, 2019

HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide [David Kenzer, Steve Johansson, Jolly Blackburn, Brian Jelke, Henry Argetsinger, Barbara Blackburn, Jerimy Grafenstein. This book gives GameMasters all they need to know to delve into the wonderful, adventurous world of the HackMaster role-playing game. It is all about killing. It’s almost impossible to do justice to the HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide, even to describe it is simply as a 1st Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide on steroids.

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Hackmaster 5e is truly a wonder hackmastter play. It is more the lack of the stylized embossing on the front cover that sets it apart from the other two books. It adds many optional layers to handling casting. Most of the information is pretty dry but necessary. The author would like to state that he is reviewing his own personally bought copies of the product.

The list of time in seconds is an average of what it takes to wield this weapon. To make things easier on the GM, Kenzerco has given flowcharts to help decide outcomes.

Gamematser two column format nod to the past looks nice on the page and the bright color scheme helps to frame the text well. Worst quality than the hacklopedia of beasts or the players handbook but guied usable, I found the lack of some simple “Gamemaster’s Guide” or some such on the front cover instead of just the spine somewhat jarring, but I guess it saves on printer costs and its not a huge deal so I won’t complain too much there.


If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? You see there is a big difference between a styrofoam ax and the real deal even if counterweights are added to the LARP weapon to achieve realistic weight measures.

Hackmaster HackMaster GameMaster Guide

This tears the kingdom apart fracturing it into three smaller domains. I like that they left it up to us to decide if we want that option added in. There is nothing for you to feel shame about.

Pricing for reselling of equipment, random tables for quick tavern generation and the effects of tavern binging are given flesh here too. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? There are also charts and tables for random encounters for just about every terrain type.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Tuesday, 19th April, They do not discourage roleplaying and they fully acknowledge the marriage of their game to a tactical mindset.

Hackmaster Hacklopedia of Beasts.

Details on everything the GM could possibly need. Rewards and treasure are also detailed explaining how much exp to award players for their individual adventures.

HACKMASTER Part 2, One Gamemaster’s Guide to rule them all!

Range attacks, for instance, both physical and magical can be affected by cover or concealment. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Yes, Magic is present in the world. The rest of the section is fairly unremarkable talking about how to deal with problem players, bring people in from other games, table culture and game themes, etc.

  JP 3-15.1 PDF

I will break down this review of the GM guide section by section.

There are a few standouts such as the excellent GM screen being made by Chuck Lang. I felt like I was receiving an advance copy when I got it. Quality Items Chapter Fourteen: On the other hand that rock might protect you from a fireball sent dead hackmaaster but if it is cast at the side of that rock it provides little to no protection.

Be honest now, because I hackkaster a lot of you I include myself in this number are guilty. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Kenzer & Company Hackmaster Downloads – GM Only

The legend around the blade grew from the user. This is a completely Hackmaster idea, one more reason Hackmaster rises above the competition. Non-Monetary Treasure Chapter Thirteen: Write a gujde review. But there’s more than that. Morale modifiers to tavern names and drinking games.

Thursday, 14th April, ,