• June 14, 2019

Saamuhika Gurucharitra Parayan. All these 4 come about by the adoption of a Guru in the Datta-path. The Guru from the anubhava gives upadesha and Adesha. Guru Charitra a holy book depicting teachings of Lord dattatreya’s two avtars During the holy months, people perform parayan of the book. 23 डिसें How to do the Parayana of Gurucharitra?? The proper . Start parayan midnight 2 o’clock and it will finished before night 12 o’clock. Reply.

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Please rectify the issue and help me out to get the eBook. One may read it once in 3 days or even a day, ardently seeking His guidance.

In the late nineteenth century, Paramhans Parivrajakacharya Shreemad Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami Maharaj, a famous saint of the Dattatreya tradition, translated the work in Sanskrit verses of equal number. After completion of day parayan, tying the book in a silken cloth and place it near the Image. Even today devotees experience his Blessings by reading Sri Guru Charitra repeatedly.

Guri Charitra-Holy book of Shri guru Narashimha Swaraswathi | My Bones Are Speaking

Anonymous May 14, at 3: Thank you so much! Earthships and Tire Homes 7 years ago. Anonymous April 1, at This type of parayan every one will go for it. Anonymous November 1, at 1: Offer a light or a parayab, joss sticks, flowers and sandal paste.

This is written by Sri Saraswati Gangadhar. Anonymous February 26, at This type of parayan is done by few people who have little but more time in a day to complete approx. Charifra May 2, at 5: It means starting parayan in a same day and completing on the same day.


Anonymous August 5, at 4: Sudheer Reddy October 17, at Popular Tags Blog Archives. The first day 7 chapters; second and third days, 4 chapters each; thereafter, two chapters per day. Lord Dattatreya will not keep anything on their parayah and more he will bless us through his power and leads us happy and satisfied.

Guru Charitra

The sequence of reading is as follows:. The disciple with shraddha and bhakthi hears them both and practices abhyasa and gains his own experience anubhava which he inturn propogates.

Then offer some sweets to Him. Anonymous August 25, at 1: Many devotees are doing this parayana in Ganagapur kshetra near Audumbar tree at Sangam and experiencing the darshan of Lord Dattatreya. It was not scanned properly. Sri Gangadhar Saraswathi, the author of the book in Marathi tells in the following lines about the resultant virtues after reading this holy book. Sudheer Reddy November 3, at Anonymous February 26, at 1: Pancha upacharas or five upacharas refers to 1 Gandha Chandana psrayan, 2 Pushpa flower3 Dhupa incense4 Dipa lamp and Naivedya food.

Since this whole book is like a Mantra by itself, it is a powerful book and should be read with some Niyamas. Sri Guru Charitra blog lo vunchinadhuku god will bless you Sandeepani August 16, at 9: The paaryan is not readable properly. Eating of Onion, Garlic, Egg etc must not be done and if possible one must have food only once and Fast in the Morning or Night.


The book is written in the form of a conversation between Siddha Muni who too was a disciple of Shri Narasimha Saraswati and Namdharak who is listening to Sri Siddha.

Reading Guru Charitra – My experience

Anonymous February 2, at 8: Anonymous June 15, at 5: The narration includes anecdotes from cyaritra lives of Lord Dattatreya and his incarnations. Ash yogi July 12, at Like all epics, in Shree Gurucharitra too there are stories within stories and more stories. They are 1 Gnana kanda chapter 1 to 24 2 Karma kanda chapter 25 to 37 and 3 Bhakti kanda chapter 38 to The inner-artha of the person involved—why did sri guru say thus?

Anonymous November 28, at All these 4 chafitra about by the adoption of a Guru in the Datta-path. The Place of reading must be Cleaned and a Deepa must always be lit gury Parayana. Keep a beautiful picture of Sree Dattatreya and or of Sree Guru. First time when I visited Gokarnam, I had the book with me. These rules are given in the book itself.