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Grade Rosie Moon, 15, is waiting for life to happen-school is dull, her mother won’t let her get a nose ring, and her parents seem to be breaking up. In Lowry’s artfully constructed novel, originally published in Australia, year-old Rosie is GUITAR HIGHWAY ROSE. Brigid Lowry, Author. Guitar Highway Rose. Genre: Young Adult. Guitar Highway Rose. By: Brigid Lowry He has dreadlocks, a guitar and a bad case of the gypsy blues.

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Apr 01, Dolorosa rated it it lory amazing. Upon starting this, I was instantly intrigued by the fragmented prose. The book also captures adolescence psych well: She’s 15, feels like her parents are dumb and just don’t understand her. They return in the end, but not in the way either of them expected.

While I could appreciate the experimental story-telling and the little details that made each character seem very real, I found that the style kept me from having brivid real loyalty toward any of the characters.

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Very much not to my liking. You drift along, pulled this way and that by the waves, but gently and without resistance. She wanted her dad to do something about his suffering marriage to her mum.

Guitar highway Rose / Brigid Lowry – Details – Trove

Constructed in a quirky collage style, this book was a runaway success. Overall it was a very cute and nice read, which just fades a little in light of My So-Called Life which I grew up with so nothing can beat it and other recent Aussie YA reads. Quotes from Guitar Highway Rose. The recent reviews I’ve read on this have been mediocre at best but I really didn’t like it. In Lowry’s artfully constructed novel, originally published in Australia, year-old Rosie is immediately attracted to Asher, the new kid at school, and a relationship develops when they pair up for a poetry presentation on Jim Morrison.


The psyche moves from the realms of the ordinary and takes a delicate step towards the unknown. A writing desk filled with paper, writing pads and books.


It is a book about a roadtrip. I absolutely love it. So an experimental book written in about two teens with the gypsy blues? She wants to do something, be someone be someone else. The narrative unfolds in brief chunks of text; some of it is straightforward, while Asher’s thoughts are relayed as stream-of-consciousness without punctuation elsewhere the author includes samples from hrigid class assignments and such flourishes as lists of what animals the characters would choose to be if they could.

View all 15 comments. This is to say that I might be a tad too old for this book. Jan 04, Supriya Gokarn rated it liked it. Asher wanted nothing to do with Perth. Rosie tests new boundaries with her parents, especially over the issue of a nose ring, and becomes exasperated over frequent confrontations with her controlling mother.

Open Preview See a Problem? May 03, Joy joyous reads rated it liked it Shelves: Part love story, part road story, Guitar Highway Rose is a witty novel of first love, adventure and being fifteen. I don’t know what to say. Sometimes you think you know where you’re headed. Brigid has published short stories and poetry as well as adult and young adult fiction.

They are the kind of characters that grow on you more and more as the story goes on and in the end you don’t won’t to say goodbye. Meanwhile, of course, their parents are going crazy. Everyone has their say, in their own way. Jul 14, Kate O’Donnell rated it it was amazing.


It is one of my all time favourite teen novels and highly recommend it.

Guitar Highway Rose – Brigid Lowry – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

Rose and Asher actually DO do it. I think that sense of wanderlust is something that’s true of everyone, regardless of their age or where they are in life. The feel, flavour, language and references ended up as my favourite thing about the novel and I hate the 90s!

It kind of feel likes a happy place between a verse and prose novel. I remember all those dreams I had, all the times I would lie on my bed in the darkness with only a couple of candles flickering, listening to Enigma on low and just Refresh and try again. Upon starting this, I was ins The odds seemed stacked against me liking this book – the 90s is my least favourite era, I don’t think anyone other than Joyce and Faulkner should attempt stream-of-consciousness narrative and I dislike hippies sorry no offence to anyone.

When Asher is mistakenly accused of stealing, he decides to run away. An old wooden armchair covered in an old sari.