• June 12, 2019

To the average tourist, or even the devoted Italophile, the Italy of Roberto Saviano’s “Gomorrah” is an utterly unrecognizable place. There is no. In , Italian author and journalist Roberto Saviano published Gomorrah, an exposé of the organised crime network Camorra; since then he. Roberto Saviano has escort to protect him from mafia, but has criticised interior minister.

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Visions of the mob as depicted in hollywood movies are quickly dispelled. Gomorrah is most likely not the best translated book, yet there is something compelling about the story. A word that fascists have plundered from us.

Look at the Godfather or Scarface just to name two. We are constantly immersed in words; the problem is that words have no weight any more. Nominally this is an exploration of criminal culture in the N The most concrete emblem of every economic cycle is the dump. Our cities are both protagonists of our books — Naples is never just a backdrop. The book is vivid in recounting events such as the horrific and dismaying Secondigliano War, the disastrous dumping of toxic trash illegally, the almost suicidal mentality that wants to kill every rival and their relativesand the sheer industrial scale of the phoney fashion labels, drugs and other scams.

This might and money comes at a heavy price though: What is power, what is the meaning of life?

Roberto Saviano: “Criminals model themselves after my characters”

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. In Italy, however, his frequent commentary on television and newspaper columns, and his frequent criticism of Italian society and political corruptionhas also annoyed some. A powerful mafia chief always has to stay one step ahead of the law and order and several steps ahead of the competition. In taking on Saviano, Salvini seems to be siding with those Italians who think the writer has been too critical.


I want to [be able to: In the end, I turned to fiction to avoid having to justify myself anymore. The first scene, which depicts one of the characters being humiliated, was described to me by a policeman.

Now here’s the fun part. The same with my brother, whom I love like crazy. I do it knowing full well that it generates hatred, isolation, contempt.

Refresh and try again. View all 12 comments. My family and upbringing protected me.

They think the money earned by an honest person from their writing is a problem, gomorarh not what the criminals have been doing all these years. If I savkano a stand, the mud flies everywhere Roberto Saviano. I love it here, I honestly do, but I can’t help but think The Camorrah has their fingers in all the tasty pies: Saviano–who was still very young when he wrote this–describes the systems, economy a When I started reading Gomorrah it gave me nightmares so I had to put it down for a few days.

The biggest milk producers in Italy? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Approfitto del mio breve commento d’epoca per ricordare che oggi, 3 maggio, si celebra il World Press Freedom Day. La porta di accesso allo spazio comune di sceicchi, satrapi e oligarchi sufficientemente liquidi da comprare una seconda cittadinanza quella europea, appunto: They managed zones generating up to half a million euros a weekend, selling weed, huge amounts goomrrah cocaine.

The question is neglected and yet imminent on each page.

Matteo Salvini threatens to remove Gomorrah author’s police protection

The book generates a lot of disgust and outrage, and I wish there were a few more suggestions for what we could productively do with these feelings. Far from Hollywood looking to the Mafia for inspiration, it’s actually the other way round — Camorra bosses model their mansions on Al Pacino’s house in Scarfacekids angle their guns sideways like Tarantino stars, and one female yomorrah has a retinue of women bodyguards dressed in fluorescent yellow like Uma Thurman out of Kill Bill.


It is as if my humanity had been impoverished,” he said. The corruption in the south leads all the money in the north, where everyone works, to just get wasted paying the taxes that the southerners either evade or can’t pay.

Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano

Do you get safiano of being the person who has to comment on Italian crime and corruption? A term that certainly isn’t disgraced by Gomorrahthe film.

Please help correct page number! They think the money earned by an honest person from their writing is a problem, but not what the criminals have been doing all these years Roberto Saviano.

This is one of the most upsetting books I’ve read in a long time, even if the translation was poor, it still worked. This is a relentless indictment, an obsessively reworked denunciation, a cold and clear-eyed assassination attempt. View all 7 comments. I want to have supermarkets, stores, factories, I want to have women. Not all, but most. Since he has pulished his book, Saviano is a hunted man. Jun 01, Amar Pai rated it really liked it Shelves: