• June 18, 2019

Glynn Winskel rejoined the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory as professor in This followed 12 years as professor of computer science at. Organization: University of Cambridge. Web page: Pages in this Program. Program · Program for Tuesday, September 4th · Disclaimer. Formal Semantics of Programming Languages [Glynn Winskel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Formal Semantics of Programming.

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Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 16 1: Articles 1—20 Show more. Glynm GutierrezGlynn Winskel: Juanito CamilleriGlynn Winskel: Formal Methods in System Design 1 4: Petri Nets With Persistence.

Distributing probability over non-determinism. Oct – Apr Value: Luca CardelliMarcelo P. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 14 5: Nominal Domain Theory for Concurrency. FioreGlynn Winskel: A relational model of non-deterministic dataflow.


Logic and Program Semantics Petri nets, algebras, morphisms, and compositionality G Winskel Information and Computation 72 3, Organisation University of Cambridge Research summary I’m pleased wknskel be able to report on several research advances made during the tenure of the senior fellowship. International Conference on Concurrency, Thierry CoquandCarl A.

Henrik Reif AndersenGlynn Winskel: Seminar on Concurrency The Winning Ways of Concurrent Wniskel. Semantics of Data Types Limit Preservation from Naturality.

International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming, Hugo PaquetGlynn Winskel: Thank you for your feedback. DI-Domains as a Model of Polymorphism. An introduction to event structures. Relationships Between Models of Concurrency.

Glynn Winskel | Royal Society

The True Concurrency of Herbrand’s Theorem. The formal semantics of programming languages: On Probabilistic Distributed Strategies.

Domain theory for concurrency. Compositional Checking of Satisfaction.

Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint. Petri Nets and Transition Systems Abstract for an invited talk.

dblp: Glynn Winskel

New articles by this author. Strategies with Parallel Causes. Constraining rule-based dynamics with types. Email address for updates. On Concurrent Games glnn Payoff. Category Theory and Computer Science Compositional Checking of Satsfaction. Proof, Language, and Interaction Bistructures, bidomains, and linear logic.


Bisimulation from Open Maps. Gian Luca CattaniMarcelo P.

Glynn Winskel

Advances in Petri Nets Bistructures, Bidomains and Linear Logic. On the Composition and Decomposition of Assertions. A side-effect of getting the ERC grant has been the need to terminate the Leverhulme fellowship on May 1. Glynn WinskelKim Guldstrand Larsen: New articles related to this author’s research.