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Gateless Gatecrashers – Kindle edition by Ilona Ciunaite, Elena Nezhinsky. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Gateless Gatecrashers has 59 ratings and 4 reviews. Paul said: After a few of the reported discussions the format starts to see rather repetitive and a l. Gateless Gatecrashers – 21 Ordinary People 21 Extraordinary Awakenings by Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky. Two years ago, about the time this site was .

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It is like that with children and Santa Claus, tell them there is no Santa, and it can tear up their world, but let them find out on their ownperhaps by dropping hints, and they will be cool with it all. I wish I knew how to capitalize on these sorts of insights when they happen. Mark rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Although they appear to convey the same gztecrashers about anatta, meditating on these 2 stanzas can yield 2 very different experiential insights — one on the emptiness aspect and the other, the non-dual luminosity aspect.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. And here is Gautama apparently saying it’s better not to try to tack it down in his opinion.

Gateless Gatecrashers

No pointing seemed ‘wrong’ or not useful. There seems to be either something you’re missing, something you don’t understand, something overlooked, or something preventing you from knowing and experiencing the truth.

I think the understanding is not that the self doesn’t exist but that it is not what it seems to be. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

Gateless Gatecrashers [PDF Download] Full Ebook

In reference to the cognized, only the cognized. More importantly it does break down the false-self belief in a very radical, and hopefully permanent, way like no other method has for me.

  C152 POH PDF

Ironically I can not think of one way to prove and show a Self that is permanent, underlying and directing activities in the background. You are being written by experience. I recommend it to anyone. Dominic rated it gaateless was amazing Mar 02, It helps explain the concept but is not actually evidence itself. From my perspective this is possibly the fastest way to “stream entry” vatecrashers 1: Get to Know Us. All of them seem to be pointing at something that is good and useful, both the familiar and the unfamiliar ones.

I loved reading about other people’s experiences. Mahasi on ‘the magical illusion of self”. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Bahuya Sutta, translatedironically byThanissaro Bhikku I’m also working with one of the ‘guides’ on the private forums they have a Liberation Unleashed. Social Media Donate Contact Friends. And a couple more thoughts, or rather a disclaimer So, what I am saying is that formations may arise gatdless pass away, whether they have a life span of 1 day, 10 years, 70 years, years, or millions of years.

Fabulous I loved reading about other people’s experiences. The transition is so subtle. So, in that sense, one can designate the five skandhas gateldss the impermanent self.

Then you get the additional irony that Richard seems to fateless insinuations that his stuff is at all Buddhist and here you have Gautama himself saying the exact same thing as a main tenant of Actualism. Privacy Terms About Gateless Gatecrashers Book This book recounts the journeys of 21 ordinary people who dared to investigate whether the self they had always taken for real actually exists.

Transcripts of 21 guided conversations record the process step by step, line by line, as each seeker sees through the illusion, and is liberated from belief in a separate self.

This book recounts the journeys of 21 ordinary people who dared to investigate whether the self they had always taken for real actually exists. IMHO, the vipassana pursuit of sensations of self is a worthwhile process that reveals truth to the seeker.


Neither had any previous background with Buddhism or meditation and I introduced it to them. If you are at a point where you are ready to hear the message which this book imparts, you may certainly enter the gateless gate and gain unity with who you really are. We strive to transmit the message that separation is only a thought, that there is no entity behind the word “I,” and all one needs to do is to look. Here are some of their real life stories.

Gateless Gatecrashers by Ilona Ciunaite

Its really quite amazing considering where I was at. In other words a delusion, and a delusion that there is no self can cause the sense that there is no purpose, no meaning, apathy, etc.

This book recounts the journeys of 21 ordinary people who dared to investigate whether the self they had always taken for real actually exists. See, for example, the chapter called “Jamie” in Gateless Crashers. I kind of amazes me they can do that!

You’re thinking too much.

Gateless Gatecrashers

In my current scale, this is some relatively low-level insight into no-self and not into non-duality. I’m gatecrasherd to think Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Rob Burbea and others are correct. I got gatecfashers about half way through the book.

And then quickly on the heels of that all-too-accurate prod, I see this: Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. If you need help, they have a website Liberation Unleashed, with forums and guides ready to help you get free, for free.

It contains its own inherent sukha: