• June 17, 2019

imported from Wikimedia project · English Wikipedia · sex or gender · female. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · German Wikipedia · country of. Galina Shatalova [1][2][3] was the author of many popular books on health, healthful food, and healthful lifestyle. Shatalova is best known for her Natural Health. This article provides thoughts from the book doctor, naturopath Galina Shatalova “Healing food”. A spoiled stomach — the father of mourning. The weakest link.

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In all other respects there are no differences between the athletes was not. Figures do not indicate to us.

It seems to me that, besides the lack of correctness in the transfer of the experimental results with rats on human beings in such a fine area, as shattalova activity, it should be remembered that nature featured a specific program of life and specific nature of nutrition to each kind of animal. It is possible to reduce the water consumption to one litre per day without compromising health, but with a significant increase in the efficiency of thermoregulation of the body.

And to restore these calories, you need to eat gqlina product containing the valina number of calories. Calorie – is nothing more but a unit of heat energy released by a substance in the destruction of its chemical bonds in the combustion process. Our marathon runners, who have passed on the daily regime of low-calorie food, have begun a joke of calling themselves “dystrophics”. Release details Model release not available.

Where the necessary energy springs from? We forgot about the beautiful Russian cereals, Russian soup, medicinal Russian oat wash-brew, pickled apples, honey and hell kvass, forget the bread on the hop yeast.

Today, more than ever, there was a need for a scientific approach to man as a complex biological system, a self-governing public, governed by objective laws of galiha.

Dr Galina Shatalova creator of a new health promotion system having Stock Photo: – Alamy

That the vacuum is not only mathematical abstraction, but quite perceptible physical reality, well-known Casimir experiment has proved though till now even many physicists perceive it as something “exotic”.

Tables laden with food from the delicatessen, meat cuts, sausages, ham, cheese and butter, splints, roast beef or chops with ample side dish, soups, puddings and the like, the most common foods.

However the despondency and panic operates on health perniciously. And the main thing — how it can be transformed to the usual physical energy?


Galina Shatalova, Soviet physician – Stock Image – C/ – Science Photo Library

Over the many years of medical practice I have been able to develop the basic elements of an integrated holistic healing of the human body by forces of nature. But the scientist, however, studied the rationality of human nutrition as a kind in experiments.

The racing speed rate was one kilometer in not less than six minutes. However, the numbers vary depending on the source. Galina Shatalova’s next birthday would be in days would be turning years old then. In experiments with healthy men it can be seen that the optimal diet contains fruits, vegetables, berries, edible wild herbs and vegetable, seeds, nuts, grains, and cereal grains, honey.

Firstly, because the composition of food determines to a large extent the chemical composition of the cells of a human body.

German cooks – the specialists in manufacturing hams, sausages and frankfurters especially diversified diet of meat and all sorts of fish dishes, baked sweet jelly, pies, cakes and more. Ivan Denisovich, the hero of first Soljenizin story, before to eat the piece of bread which was half-clay, knead it in hands, admired it, then long and with pleasure chewed it — just such people survived.

Many prefer to have died, but to keep the food habits. The nation Hunza in northern India is featured with the greatest life expectancy in the world.

New Zealanders are beginning to have meals in bed and finish the day by eating before going to bed second, a so-called small dinner, which consists of cold meat, lobster and other eatables. What is the major of this system?

And by all this I am deeply intrigued as the physicist. Click on their names to check out their FAQs. You can go through all foods that are shataloav by the food industry, and make sure that the companies designed exclusively for the destruction of full-needed food to man and turning it into high-calorie, but devoid of life, limited life organic matter. There are a number of messages about people which able to live without food for years.

Whatalova publications Distillation and Filtration Processes.

Candidate of Medicine Dr Galina Shatalova jogging in the morning

This is – the main cause of contamination of the internal environment of the organism and the emergence of many diseases. Artificial person consumes five times more food than a reasonable person The results of my surveys of the representatives of shatalovq other groups of people, clearly indicate that the differences between them are revealed simply stunning.


It is no secret that many celebrities have been caught with illegal drugs in the past. For a long time it is being written about notorious “cosmic energy”: The products are also fully consistent with the “scientific” ideas: In order to save this shaky, built on the sand building, supporters of this theory use all means available.

It is considered that all our energy needs our organism gets exclusively through energy of the food. In studying the characteristics of food consumption in various representatives of the animal world we can note not only the commonality of some physiological parameters, but also a clear distinction of species needs that are programmed by nature.

Her large and friendly family actually lost the mistress, and emergency room physicians have become frequent visitors to their home. The results of the experiments were mechanically transferred shatqlova humans.

There are also not so numerous, but more exotic cases. I will dare to reasoning about this subject, having suggested some hypotheses how such phenomenon could be agreed with modern physics.

Protonated water in the nterfacial area On the Static Work Water-air interface. Unfortunately, the eating habits of people are clogged with bad habits. She loved her job, but felt that she was becoming a burden on the shoulders of employees, and becoming less and less employable.

Candidate of Medicine Galina Shatalova right talks about her natural treatment system

Maybe that’s why scientific progress often leads today to negative consequences. The rationalization of the principles of this system required to conduct a series of experiments – first were experiments on myself, and then on human volunteers. Or did Galina Shatalova do steroids, shaalova or even stronger drugs such as heroin? And we continue to adhere to the previous standards only, delivering shstalova already overcrowded hospitals more and more new kidney patients suffering from violations of protein metabolism.

About kilometers a day. Is it possible, shatalovaa example, to consider a predator being smarter than a monkey?

But it is becoming more and more obvious that the radical solution to the problem will be instilling a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in people. Do you think that Galina Shatalova did smoke cigarettes, weed or marijuhana?