• June 14, 2019

W. Frąckowiak, M. Lewandowski, Wzrost zewnętrzny przedsiębiorstwa. Teoria i praktyka [in:] W. Frąckowiak (ed.), Fuzje i przejęcia, PWE, Warszawa , pp. Frąckowiak W., „Fuzje i przejęcia przedsiębiorstw”, PWE , pp. 4. Jajuga K., Jajuga T. „Inwestycje”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa , pp. Chakrabarti, Hauschildt, Sueverkruep, Does it pay to acquire technological firm [in]R&D Management, nr Frąckowiak W. (edited) Fuzje i przejęcia.

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Table 3 from Leveraged Buyouts in Poland * – Semantic Scholar

The adjustment of stock prices to new information, “international Review”No Corporate performance, corporate takeovers, and management turnover. Are cash acquisitions associated with better postcombination operating performance than stock acquisitions. The challenges, Prentice-Hall Markup pricing in mergers and acquisitions.

Grinblatt ML, Titman S. As far as operating performance is concerned, the results presented are ambiguous. An application of a three-factor performance index to measure stockholder gains from merger. A theory of special cases? The empirical evidence since Chapter two reviews legal and accounting regulations, motives, financing sources, valuation and post-merger integration. The hubris hypothesis of corporate takeovers.


Means of payment in takeovers: Postacquisition performance of acquiring firms. Changes in corporate performance associated with bank acquisitions. Higson C, Elliott J.: Oxford University Press, New York Ustawa z dnia DzU nrpoz. In the first one, the background of mergers and acquisitions is presented: The evidence leads to the conclusion that a positive reaction of investors to acquisition announcement on the Polish market is similar to the reaction of investors on developed markets, and results in a positive abnormal return for shareholders of acquired firms.

Multifactor explanations of assets pricing anomalies. Shareholder wealth effects of European frckwoiak and cross-border takeovers bids.

Managerial decisions and long-term stock price performance. London Business School Inst. The performance of UK takeovers. The evaluation of mutual fund performance: Corporate acquisitions by listed firms: Results from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dane statystyczne za rok The findings are similar. Anomalous price behavior around repurchase tender offers. Shareholder wealth gains in mergers: Takeover activity, CEO turnover, and the market for corporate control. Empirical estimates of the amount and distribution of gains to companies in mergers. Oficyna Wydawnicza Branta, Bydgoszcz-Katowice The market for frckwiak control. Social Science Research Network, www.


Leveraged Buyouts in Poland *

WIG Press, Warszawa The case of UK Press recommendations. Corporate diversification and firm performance: Knights, raiders and targets. An analysis of quarterly portfolio holdings. Gains to bidder firms revisited domestic and foreign acquisitions in Canada. Operating performance following open market share repurchase announcements.

DzUnr 72, poz. The experience of a comprehensive sample. Effect of synergy and ownership fuuzje. Managerial ownership, method of payments for acquisitions, and executive job retention. Uwarunkowania rozwoju w Polsce. Detecting abnormal operating performance: Risk, return, and equilibrium: Why must all good thins come to an end?