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A literary piece by Jose Garcia Villa Entitled: Footnote to Youth; 2. Who is Jose Garcia Villa? He is a poet, a critic, a short story writer, and a. Footnote to Youth by Jose Garcia Villa. The sun was salmon and hazy in the west . Dodong thought to himself he would tell his father about. Jose Garcia Villa. · Rating details · 64 ratings · 5 reviews. “Here was the first collection of short stories by a Filipino to be published in the United States, just.

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He used the penname Doveglion derived from “Dove, Eagle, Lion”based on the characters he derived from himself. Dodong was really eager of how he wanted to marry Teang get the consent of his father and immediately got it. A very wonderful story that everyone must read.

It made him feel guilty, garica if he has taken something not properly his. Villw animals were also explored by another poet e. Jim Patrick rated it it was ok Aug 12, But she remembered the reason why she had married Dodong, whom made life ugly, was because she loved him.

Footnote to Youth: Tales of the Philippines and Others

For six successive years, a new child came along. He was very young… He felt queer, troubled, uncomfortable.

To youth, because it’s for all the teenagers that can relate this days. It must be so to make youth. The petroleum lamp on the ceiling was already lighted and the low unvarnished square table was set for supper.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Eniarlou De Guzman February 24, at 6: He was seventeen, he had pimples on his face, then down on his upper lip was dark-these meant he was no longer a boy.

This fieldwork was healthy invigorating, but it begrimed you, smudged you terribly. Kim Abella rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Lucio, she wondered, would she have born him children?

Later on, they had some children and garcja was named as Blas.

Blas was restless on his mat and could not sleep. His parents were Simeon Villa and Guia Garcia.

“FOOTNOTE TO YOUTH” by Jose Garcia Villa – Amaranthine Impression

Teang, on the other hand, wondered what will happen if she had not footnotr Dodong and married her other suitor in the past instead. In a few moments he would be a father. Rea rated it really liked it Feb 27, Dodong started homeward thinking how he would break his news to his father. He turned back the way he had come, then marched obliquely to a creek. Dodong felt tired of standing. ZayanHem October 10, at 5: It was just like how things happened in the past.

This site uses cookies. Blas was very young. yuth

The bananas were overripe and when one held the, they felt more fluid than solid. He is known to have introduced the “reversed consonance rime scheme” in writing poetry, as well as the extensive use of punctuation marks—especially commas, which made him known as the Comma Bu.


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“FOOTNOTE TO YOUTH” by Jose Garcia Villa

Dodong was immensely glad he has asserted himself. Dodong got angry with himself sometimes. He wished as he looked at her that he had a sister who could help his mother in the housework.

Berline Mae Mabanag June 24, at 6: He watched Blass undress in the dark and lie down softly. Dodong did not want to come up. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

He wanted to be wise about many thins. His footnohe had told him not to leave the house, but he had left. He felt guilty and untru. Dodong had lots of questions in his mind about why such things happen to him. Unknown December 13, at 3: And just like how history repeats itself, their son also had the same situation as them. Unknown November 22, at 3: The fruit at the end.

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