• June 15, 2019

Dorothy L. Sayers paints a perfect picture of murder in this classic The Five Red Herrings (Suspicious Characters Book 6) and millions of other books are. With Ian Carmichael, Glyn Houston, Roy Boutcher, David Rintoul. Solve the mystery with Lord Peter Whimsey, based on the book by Dorothy L Sayers. Dorothy L. Sayers’ Five Red Herrings is the second or third Lord Peter Wimsey novel I read, and the first I owned. I still have my original copy.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Harsh words are spoken and the men almost come to blows.

The man’s no a native o’ these parts and he doesna verra weel understand his place. Piecing together the evidence, the aristocratic sleuth discovers that of the six suspected painters, five are red herrings, innocent of the crime. I’ve got the ball, though–a Silver King. April 4, at She’s troubled in her mind aboot Mr.

And it looks as though we really had got on to something. Do you think I should be sliding all over your infernal granite making a blasted pincushion of myself if it wasn’t important?

I telephoned tae the station-master at Barrhill, but there was only four passengers by thet train, an’ he knowed them a’ pairsonally. It definitely comes across in the book that Sayers had watched a lot of painters working! Tucked in over the whole lot he had this rug, which has tar-marks on it too. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He wanted to get out of this stifle of petty quarrels and have one good, big, blazing row with somebody.

Normally, a book with this many issues would get less than three stars from me, but this is Dorothy Sayers, who can do no wrong in my eyes. There was, however, still time to go and interview Strachan, and so round off his inquiries in Gatehouse. It slowed my reading progress down to the point where I lost the thread of the story.


Five Red Herrings, Filleted: A Dorothy L. Sayers Guest Post by A.J. Hall

The small sketching-easel was propped against the sink, strapped up. I rather want to see him. The last train from Glasgow got in to Kirkcudbright at 9. They’re perfectly sincere, I’m ssyers what makes the difference.

A Catalogue of Crime.

The Five Red Herrings – Wikipedia

Wimsey is in Scotland, presumably getting away from it all it, by now, meaning Harriet Vane, who was in the last book. The doctor says his interior was as toom as a drum, an’ he will stake his professional credit he hadna eaten onything sin’ the previous nicht. There herrrings Waters’ studio–a big converted barn up a turning off the Tongland Road.

The landlady would think him daft if he made any more inquiries. Maybe ye’ll find what ye’re wantin’ in it, after all. Nor had he been home syne, for Jeanie’s brother’s wife had kept a look-out for him, being interested to see what might happen.

I say, Murdoch, I think I’ll just toddle over there in the car and have a look at him. He’ll maybe have told him how long he thocht to be stayin’ in Glasgow. Waters was a Londoner and spoke standard public-school English.

Then of course there were those people over at Gatehouse. Doings–his landlady, what’s her name?

Five Red Herrings

And Farren, with no more sense or imagination than a bull, must come blundering in, breaking the spell, putting his own foul interpretation on the thing, trampling the lilies in Campbell’s garden of refuge. The others nodded silently. A plague on both your houses! We would better be getting the body up to the car. And then there are the six prime suspects – all of them artists, a The body was on the pointed rocks alongside the stream.

The Five Red Herrings (Peter Wimsey #7) by Dorothy Sayers | loudbookishtype

The way in which the cottages were built, detached and sharing one common entrance yard, ensured that everything which was done in the one could be overlooked from the other. Even now he could go back–or forward–it didn’t matter which, and have the whole blasted thing right out with somebody. He either lives in the same way himself, or else had a very good excuse for being up and out before breakfast this morning. Weather, which in other parts of the Kingdom is gauged by the standards of the farmer, the gardener, and the weekender, rex considered in Galloway in terms of fish and paint.


Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. I give this a pass. Classic timetable plot with a peculiar attitude, four stars.

By the way, did the station-master at Pinwherry mention whether the passenger had a bicycle? Becoming a fan of the Golden age detective fiction, I decided to read Agatha Christie, and the woman who wrote this entertaining series Dorothy Erd Sayersthis being the second book in her well-known Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery series. Make a note of it in case you forget it. John Ferguson 3 fice, Susan Macready It’s hard to read, and it isn’t terribly rewarding, allow the last fifty pages or so is wonderful.

He hunted and felt about in every corner, stabbing his fingers again at every move and swearing savagely. While there, I accidentally overheard some persons mention the circumstance in the bar. Quotes from Five Red Herrings. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of mysteries. From there he could get a train to Stranraer and Port Patrick, or even to Glasgow, or, of course, if he dumped the bicycle, he might take a motor-bus to somewhere.