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Final Fantasy VII – PDF Guides Download file – Walkthrough + Guide Download file – Accessory Guide Download file – Armor Guide. For each Optional Quest you’ll find a quick list of the rewards that episode has to offer, a detailed walk-through, and complete strategies for. This Guide will cover All Boss Strategies, The Whole Story, Sidequests, Limit Breaks, Ultimate Weapons, Useful Materia Combinations.

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Vf7 you enter the North Corel area, go down the tracks that you saw before to get to the reactor area. If you let enemies up the middle, youll be forced to fight with the commander. From the Ultimate Weapon hovering over the world map. Chose who you want and go to the Temple of Ancients, which is located in the middle of a jungle.

You can go back to the underground waterfall and get the new items. Legend Jul 1 Knights of the Round Table – Disc ??? Be sure to do so as right after this part you must fight another boss who can be a moderate challenge if you haven’t set any materia to your team. Share directly to my status.

After you kill him you can exit midgar. Disc 1, 2, or 3 You can only gain this skill if you Manipulate. The two buttons you have to alternate are up and Triangle to speed it up. Emerald Weapon Guide to defeating the second hardest encounter in the game.


Table of Contents

Enemy Skills that are casted upon teammates will not give that person the Enemy Skill, because they must have that spell casted on them by monsters only. The sequence will shift to the Shinra hidden door in the bedroom that connects to a spiraling staircase. The Golden Bird and the Beach. From the dragons you meet when going through the Makou Pit. The mech enemies named Sweeper Custom around Kalm Town. Pelt it with Magic and normal attacks, but he absorbs Bio Magic. I recomment put on the Catapults and stone Throwtowers near the top of the hill and the Defenders, Attackers and Fighters near the bottom so they can be backed up by added projectile power.

From the Death Dealers that look like Jesters in the Makou Pit when you take the right path the first time you meet up. Temple of the Ancients. Chocobuckle Magic Points Needed: The people of North Guirebook will be very thankful that you stopped the train and give you an Ultima Materia.

Also, if you manage to breed a Gold Chocobo, take it to the last special Materia cave, which is an island in the notheast corner of the map that holds the best summon Materia in the game, Knights of the Round. It can be morphed from the Ghost Ship in the Junon Underwater Reactorin the glass tunnel area on the sea bottom.


Not to finish playing it lol. Chocobo breeding is one of FF7’s more important side quests. There are only a rf7 things huidebook time, some luck and a massive amount of gil. Launch the submarine from the harbor and head near the south, but watch out for Emerald Weapon, which is one of the Weapons siming around down here. Sephiroth is outraged about his past and says that he is going to find his mother.

Some are harder to get than others.

Kalm traveler

After the battle, the rf7 at the top of the fort is killed, but its egg cracks and the baby lives. Sign In Don’t have an account? These are the three items that he is looking for: You have to spend the night at the hotel, since the transport is out of order.