• June 19, 2019

Eye of Vecna Type Accessory General Name Shriveled Pebble Lore to Identify 99 Effects Doubles all 1st & 2nd level mage spells +35% resistance to magic +4. Hitting 40k means we can all take a gander at the Hand of Vecna, the Eye of Vecna, and the Dragon Orb! We’re just one step away from. Eye and Hand of Vecna. (update). Wondrous Item, Artifact, (requires attunement). Attunement: Yes. Worn in Slot: no slot required. Source: PHB. Description.

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Contents eys show ]. Vecna’s “right hand man” and then ultimately his betrayer is Kas the Bloody-Handeda vampire whose sword, vecnw Sword of Kasis also an artifact. The Hand and Eye were likely inspired by Michael Moorcock’s Corum series, in which the protagonist loses a hand an eye and replaces them with powerful magical artifacts: The Eye grants its user superior sight, including the ability to see through illusions, see through solid objects, see in complete darkness, and even see their own future.

Once attached, they cannot be removed without killing the wearer. In the Book of Artifactswhich details both artifacts, the Hand is described as a claw-like left hand, while the Eye resembles a red clot which transforms into a golden slitted eye, reminiscent of its feline gecna described in earlier editions.

Hand and Eye of Vecna

They reward the user for betraying a close friend, but penalize them for slaying undead. One of the groups tricked the other into going on a quest for the Head of Vecnaa hoax artifact that was supposedly similar to his Hand and Eyebut was simply an fecna severed head. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. It was in turn stolen from the brother by an outlaw named Macewho overthrew the ruler of Tyrus and ruled for a hundred years before eje assassinated by a Yemishite agent.

It is otherwise similar to the rules in Vecna Lives! When satisfied with the host, it increases the skill bonus and grants the power to vecnq a beam of necrotic energy from the eye, while a pleased eye grants an even greater skill bonus and the power to see into the souls of those around the host via an aura of clear sight.


Its deadly touch freezes creatures, and has the even greater power to instantly slay a creature or drain its life force with necromancy. As per the 1st edition Dungeon Master’s GuideVecna only procured this most powerful sword for his chief lieutenant. Originally from the World of Greyhawk campaign settingVecna was described as a powerful wizard who became a lich. Vecna was born as a human, centuries ago as a member of the untouchable caste in the Flan city of Fleeth on Oerth.

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Vecna is the name of Wizards of the Coasts’ server that hosts and handles the new eyf character builder tool. Unlike most Vecna worshippers, the Keepers reject most of the nasty and evil rituals and beliefs associated with the god; they worship him as the God veecna Secrets, and believe that there is some knowledge too evil for the world to know.

The Fourth 5E DMG Preview Unlocked : Eye and Hand of Vecna, and Dragon Orb | DDO Players

Vecna’s alignment was changed from Lawful Evil to Neutral Evil in Third Edition, and no in-game explanation has surfaced. He is primarily the god of secrets. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: The Vecnq first appeared years after the destruction of Vecnaduring the Insurrection of the Yaheetes.

In the rare even that someone acquires both, the user is immune to disease and poison, gains premonition of danger, can turn a creature’s skeleton into jelly with a touch, and can cast Wish once every month. Rumoured ways to destroy the Eye include roasting in the flames of the oldest red dragon in Oerth [1] [2]encasing in volcanic glass of the Hellfurnaces and shattering it against the edge of space [2]or wearing the eye and hurling oneself into the Rift of Pyradon [3].


In all cases, the Hand and Eye must replace a missing hand or eye, whereupon it immediately binds to the user and becomes a functioning body part. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich.

Between and CY, he also acquired the Eye of Vecna, perhaps only the third or fourth person ever to do so. Some say this achievement was due to direct tutelage by Mok’slyk the Serpent, believed to be the personification of arcane magic itself. Even when Osterneth, the Bronze Lich, is Vecna’s mightiest servant, her position is not revealed among his files. Dark Sun Dark Sun: The Eye grants its wearer darkvisionimproved knowledge of magic and superior insight.

The Hand and Eye of Vecna

In CY, Halmadar escaped with the help of Vecna himself, who had by this time become a god, and sought to become even more powerful with the aid of the artifacts, which he reclaimed after destroying Halmadar. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Lesser fecna are known as Memories of Vecna. Vecna created the Sword of Kas for his greatest servant, which contains a “portion of his eeye. In 4th edition, Vecna’s main foes in the realm of death and undeath are KasOrcus and the Raven Queen though he would rather she rule the dead than Orcus.

Possessing both artifacts corrupts the wielder to an even greater extent. Relations between these groups and the mainstream cult may vary.

Vecna gains all the host’s knowledge, and one day will send the Hand and Eye back out into the world. Similarly, depending on edition and source, its appearance has varied, from a short sword to a wavy bladed two hander.