• June 20, 2019

Range Description. Erinaceus roumanicus has a global distribution extending from central and eastern Europe, the Baltic and the Balkan peninsula eastwards . Descriptions and articles about the Northern White-breasted Hedgehog, scientifically known as Erinaceus roumanicus as classified by IUCN Red List ( Species. The range of the E. roumanicus extends in the west as far as Poland, The prevalence of helminth parasites from the hedgehog Erinaceus.

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Dec 28, No Comments. Scientific Veterinary Institute of Serbia, V. Johns Hopkins University Press. Please review our privacy policy. Get 10, Birds in your email inbox every day. Range of the northern white-breasted hedgehog blue. Die Parasitosen des Igels und ihre Behandlung. Recent Posts Comments Tags. Polyparasitism involving two species was detected in You were VERY lucky indeed. At last few years, these animals have become increasingly popular as an exotic household pet due to being unique, cute, low and easy maintenance pets.

Toze 14, Belgrade, Serbia Find articles by B. Trying to reach Mike or Corey? Anyway, the hedgehog that we spotted at Lake Tisza appeared down a dirt track from us while we were trying to focus on a fledgling Barred Warbler. Dec 26, No Comments. Helminth parasites of eastern European hedgehog Erinaceus concolor in Northern Iran. Diagnose und Therapie der Parasitosen der Igel. Mammal encounters are always special, but true, very true, a hedgehog does not beat a White-backed Woodpecker or Bornean Bristlehead for that matter.


During the day twice! Aug 21, Comments.

Northern White-breasted Hedgehog Erinaceus roumanicus

Results of parasitological examinations of faecal samples from horses, ruminants, pigs, dogs, cats, hedgehogs and rabbits between and New Zealand has a host of hedgehogs but they are introduced. Hedgehogs are small mammals, insectivores and fall under the family Erinaceidae.

These mammals are quite common in urban environments for example, in gardens, parks and backyards, ernaceus forest, picnic area and cemeteries. Tricocephalidae and Capillaridae of animals and man and the diseases caused by them. Between April and Decemberwe examined 28 hedgehogs died at traffic accident and 12 samples of feces were collected from pets roummanicus. Bit late but, oh, I do lurrrrve hedgehogs, even if they are everywhere here and suprisingly noisy at times….

Mar 11, Comments. Blue Birds in 3D Spotting scope review: It is widespread throughout this range, and there are no signs of a significant population decline.

Infection with helminths was found in Retrieved from ” https: Materials and methods Between April and Decemberwe examined 28 hedgehogs died at traffic accident and 12 samples of feces were collected from pets hedgehogs. Published online Oct 7.

Northern white-breasted hedgehog

erinxceus Dec 26, 2 Comments. This is the first research of parasitic fauna of hedgehogs in Serbia. Coprological examination of a dead hedgehogs coincides with the autopsy findings. Since the s, it has been considered a separate species in its own right, following new genetic and morphological studies, with five subspecies – E.


Helminth fauna of the northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus) in Serbia

You and Mike figure out wh Fine, my best bird was a White-backed Woodpeckeralright? In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Dec 30, 1 Comment.

A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed. Endoparasites of the hedgehog. Toze 14, Belgrade, Serbia. The Northern White-breasted Hedgehog in this post was once considered a subspecies of the European Hedgehog and then it was considered a subspecies of the Southern White-breasted Hedgehog E.

Views Read Edit View history. These helminth species, together with Aonchotheca spp. Some of the western European birders remarked upon how white it was, which makes sense considering that the European Hedgehog that they are used to is typically darker.

It was only in the s that Erinaceus roumanicus was elevated to species status. Nocturnal ranging behaviour of urban hedgehogs, Erinaceus europaeusin relation to risk and reward. In Serbia, this is the first research of parasitic fauna of hedgehogs.

Crenosoma striatumHymenolepis erinacei and Aonchotheca erinacei. Research of parasitic fauna of hedgehogs is mostly conducted in Europe and the Middle East Saupe ; Matuschka ; Majeed et al.

Occurrence of the lungworms Capillaria and Crenosoma spp. Mammal species of the world: What were you doing in Hungary?