• June 19, 2019

Come and mend your broken hearts here. In this retelling of the classic tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” the eldest princess must fight to save her. Readers who enjoy stories of royalty, romance, and magic will delight in Dixon’s first novel. Part confection, part acute observation, the story of. Remember Entwined, that amazing novel by Heather Dixon? (Really, you haven’t read it yet? You should probably fix that problem right now.).

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Also, let me say how relieved I was when Keeper wasn’t a serious love interest. There is also welcomed mild kissing, as well as fantasy violence and an important event in which a character dies of a fever. It’s got wonderful family dynamics, and enywined family just feels so real.

Also, it lacked originality to a point. View all 8 comments. It was clever and witty and I wished there was more magic integrated with dance in this book, but alas, it was not to be had. But other than that 5 stars.

Entwined by Heather Dixon

At the bottom they find a forest of silver trees and a pavilion full of enchanted dancers. It’s full of magic and balls and old castles and alllllll the fairytale things.

The abovementioned horror elements are especially jarring given the rather sugary tone of the rest of the book. And, their names were cutish, but mostly distracting, i.

First off, this is great for fans of family dynamics. There are a few scenes in which a certain antagonist very forcefully kisses a character. One night, the Keeper tells the princesses a story about the High King drinking a goblet of blood and swearing an oath on it to not die until he’s killed the Captain General.


The girls are all named dixonn flowers and their names are in alphabetical which makes it easy for a forgetful reader to know which sister is which and the author did a fantastic job making each character different in a book with such a huge cast of characters. It captivated me from the very beginning, and kept a tight hold throughout the entire story! Having gotten a deal on the Kindle version, I will now be purchasing a book copy to add to my library.

Entwined by Heather Dixon Wallwork

I hated his treatment of his daughters at the start, but the story attempts to show growth. All of the younger princesses blended together in my mind with no difference in personality. I made that mistake before with “The Thirteenth Princess”, didn’t I? Since I love the humor, so much, I can’t pass on sharing some quotes. The main antagonist of the story is dark and deadly giving the plot a much need jolt of suspense.

I loved each and every girl. They love to dance so naturally they find a magical portal to a special place, gaurded by Keeper to dance the night away and keep it a secret. Holli is the clumsiest girl, easily losing things and having poor balance.

I feel like it’s a big thing when girls, especially, don’t feel loved by their father.

At fifteen, she’s embroiled in a secret affair with this man, who’s trying to convince her to elope because that’s any grown man’s rational heatther to a young teenager throwing herself at him, apparently. There’s crying, weeping, whinging, gasping, more crying, tantrums That idea is the description and significance of the Entwinea fictional court dance where the gentleman and lady begin at opposite ends of a sash.

Caring and protective, and very, very brave. Entwined 1 7 Nov 15, So much more than I imagined. Is it good for 9th grader? To make matters worse the king goes off to war right after their mother’s death. The villain is the only one who swears on blood or uses magic.


The two right under her, Bramble and Clover, had bits of their stories told as well, though the story was never told from their POV.

The King is preoccupied with war, trade, and other royal business R. I don’t know what my problem is with writing this review, I have been finished with the book for eixon 3 days and I just keep putting it off.

Oh, what absolute glorious beauty and fun and rapture! In future books, I hope that Dixon provides tighter pacing, more character development, and a bit more passion and danger.

Hardcoverpages. Taking the girls down through the silver forest to the magic pavilion where they can dance. It was definitely like nothing I’ve ever read before.

Mar 13, Lissa added it Shelves: I also get the feeling she was kind of favoured by the king, which is weird, because he has so many daughters to choose from. To get to the point, Entwined takes the fairy tale, and adds some shit. The world and magic felt pretty generic. The dancer inside me danced and soared and leapt with the princesses as they danced, as they lived and grew and loved.

I liked Azalea and her sisters, and by the end I felt for the king as well. The setup is as follows: Dancing is both a coping mechanism and a discipline for these girls. I didn’t think so, personally.