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Some have claimed the chess actually originated from the Tarot; there being no However, Enochian Chess can be used as a divinatory tool, by determining. Enochian or Rosicrucian Chess. Rules of Play. Preface. The flat-back, two- dimensional idea for the playing pieces simply doesn’t work, as the pieces are just too. The First Definitive Study of Enochian Chess Enochian chess’ fascinating history begins in the late s, when occultists Wynn Westcott and MacGregor.

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Enochian Chess

When the King is captured, so is the piece sharing the square at the time and vice versa. Study your play settings, for they hold the keys.

The throne on which he sits is red with green lines and sits on a red base. She holds a green ankh in her right hand and a green lotus wand with a red top in her left. This representation shows a hawk- headed man striding forward. Because the Tetragrammaton on the Fire and Earth Boards is the same, as with the Air and Water Boards, in actual fact there are enochixn eight open- ing positions.

These books will themselves make more easily accessible the Spiritu- al Technology that is inherent in the Golden Dawn System. There appears to be only one square on the board that requires fhess moves to reach. Earth did not fol- low up with the enochjan move as Water so as to open up its lines for the Bishop.

Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab Add to watch list. The Fire Bishop move, however, was premature without backup and ineffectual unless enohcian to take the Queen. His name in Coptic is Hoooor. But if impossible to make any other move, then, O Prince, Gotama says it may be done. For example, if a King is in check, only the piece or chesd King could be moved, not both.

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Never place an Elephant where it can be taken by another Elephant. This is true of every board, and the reason is to be found in the position of the ranks; which in every case are disposed so that the uppermost and lowermost ranks are Kerubic and Elemental, while the two central ranks are Cardinal and Common. While Air and Fire bring in their 4d pawns to cover the center, Water sacrifices its Queen to hold Air up in its moves.

The P3c opening prevents an N2d attack to 3b check. You need neither travel to the mountaintop nor obtain any tool other than your own consciousness. I personally have one such set that I use quite reg- ularly when working out game strategy or playing simply for pleasure. The throne she sits on is blue with orange lines. Develop your minor pieces and your defense to decrease your risk of losing valuable pieces. Some very difficult games can be formed from this setting.

These divisions then, within each board, signify an element within an element. One plays for him or herself but is always aware of the ally strategy. The nomenclature has been adapted from Tamerlane chess in an attempt to clarify the promotion rules. His skin is green and the base he stands on is blue. Tharpeshest Jefine Pasht fig.

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P4c opens a Bishop to Rook attack, but a simple Q2c countermove prevents B4b, or later threatens the Bishop. I immediately sent over photos of the Whare Ra chess pieces. Further information enocjian the meanings and use of the four elemental chessboards is given in Parts III and IV, since this information is relevant to the subjects therein.


Ultimately it must be up to the individual person who makes a chess set to decide on the design. The original Golden Dawn version utilized the deosil direction of play, but experimentation with both directions shows that it can be played either way.

If this happens a second time, the conqueror then sweeps off all the pieces. The player with the king in check may move another piece only if the king is blocked by friendly pieces so that it cannot be moved out of check.

It is characteristic of this play setting that Queens appear active in the enocbian. More information on this can be found in the Rules section. Neither is classed as positive or negative; they are chses forms or a framework within which one operates.

You may find making fully colored boards and pieces a diffi- cult task. Some variations of this are: Gilbert lists the Enochian chess material as part of the Second Order papers but does not state which grade the Y papers were for.

Enochian chess, an interesting variation on Chaturanga for Four Playersalso has its origins in a particular subculture, in this case the world of Victorian occultists.

The Rook moves through columns as through ranks. If Air or Fire be the Prime Player these two sets of squares are reversed. Enofhian Earth Bishop moved to cover the Water Bishop. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Earth and Fire the extreme numbers are 23 and From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Figure 10 — Pyramid Faces of a Chess Square Triangle 1 shows the element color of the element board e.