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Elasticos intermaxilares – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Elásticos intermaxilares! Existem muitas indicações e variações, seja para movimentação ou para ancoragem, os elásticos intermaxilares na ortodontia. EFICACIA DE LOS ELÁSTICOS INTERMAXILARES EN EL TRATAMIENTO DE ORTODONCIA. Public. · Hosted by Dentoshop. Interested.

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Molar bands — Bandas 1. All around the world our customers have a deep appreciation for the profession they practice and for which they require the best products to practice with.

Módulos elásticos pcs American Orthodontics – Orthosign Dental Shop.

Las mayores ventajas en un vistazo: Andrews, has repeatedly undergone modifications and adjustments. Sophisticated design All Sprint brackets have an anatomically curved base. Please always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet. Feature The Roth system offers canine brackets with tooth-coloured hooks.

Wider clip for improved transmission of rotation, angulation and torque. Los arcos vuelven a su forma original de forma fiable. Improvements that were always in line with the life goal of Dr.

It comes with the enhanced features found only in copper-nickel-titanium archwires. Package with 20 pieces, colours may vary. El arco exteri- or del lado a distalizar queda con su longitud original. Due to its copper content in the material, the DuoForce exerts lower forces than nickel-titanium archwires. Le rogamos tenga en cuenta la hoja que contiene instrucciones de seguridad.

Gracias a sus alea- ciones y a las dos zonas de fuerza, las fuerzas de la zona anterior son tan bajas que pueden utilizarse antes de que la estrechez se resuelva por completo. OrthoEasy Encoding of the length by anodising the surface.


This allows extremely easy insertion and the archwire only becomes active in the pa- tient’s mouth. Base de cementado libre de Niquel La base plana de cementado es libre de Niquel. Roncone uses active brackets to achieve a highly aesthetic and stable result without using slot-filling techniques. All Forestadent Bondable Pads The compensatory treatment with the aid of elastics becomes advantageous to the orthodontist when orthognathic surgery is rejected, however it is necessary to warn the patient to cooperate with treatment, so the orthodontist should emphasize motivation.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products to interamxilares them succeed — all the way from the Black Forest to your practice. Often it is achieved by sequential use of several round and rectangular wires until optimal size wires can be inserted. The one- piece conventionally ligatable ceramic bracket is manufactured from a poly-crystalline, distortion-free ceramic, and is particularly inconspicuous.

Early use of large dimension rectangular wires is often not possible due to their stiffness. To present the case report of a Class II division 1 malocclusion with stable growth and bone discrepancy, compensatorily treated with the aid of elastics, without extractions and without surgery.

Your patients will be delighted by the extremely flat design which guarantees a high level of comfort. An abutment is placed on the screw head, to which the appliance is welded. This enlargement of the slot provides greater clearance for the archwire, which in turn greatly reduces the friction of the archwire in the slot.

Any mix or single paste adhesive is suitable for bonding. Cuatro puntos redondeadas de contacto en el slot reducen los efectos de “binding” y “notching”. Comfort Line 3D buccal tubes Tubos bucales Comfort Line 3D Comfort Line 3D buccal tubes Comfort Line 3D buccal tubes are the newest generation of our proven classics providing optimised bonding strength via an anatomically shaped, smaller pad.

Auxiliary Accesorios Order No. When the clip is opened gingivally a notch on the pad margin guides the probe automatically to the clip.


Our German heritage is well known for designing and precision manufacturing. Instruments Instrumentos Order No. A unique design, stepless protrusive movement capabilities and no shims increase ease and safety of Class II treatment. Class II malocclusion is characterized by an anteroposterior dental discrepancy, which is usually accompanied by skeletal changes. Items not manufactured by Forestadent are welded against a surcharge, however, without any warranty.

After years our craft has remained consistent and true. They are made of extra thin material which makes them extra light and easy to adapt. The joint serves for the angulation of Edgewise-Brackets, disinfectable, sterilisable. Right Left 1. Clip Optimised clip assures a better wire control and easy opening. The lock for the spring was transferred from palatal to lingual elasticis is therefore more accessible. Standard Twin Block appliances intermaxilarez can only be reactivated by a time-consuming procedure.

La cabeza del OrthoEasy inner thread so that the abutments can simply be attached with a retaining screw.

For an aesthetically perfect treatment from beginning to end. This modification allows a progressive advancement of the bite, providing a greater orthopaedic effect with less incisor tilting in Class II, division 1 cases.

Binding and notching, which often occurs with con- ventional brackets, is prevented by four ribs within the slot.

El clip se abre desde gingival por medio de una sonda. The design details of the OrthoEasy Pins at a glance Feature Advantage Self-cutting and self-drilling pins Straight forward insertion Stable, almost blunt cone end Makes drilling into a surrounded root of a intermxxilares more difficult Pilot drilling Shark like cuts Compression step Only in areas with compact bone e.