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Ders Notları Bu ders, öğrencileri takip eden dönemlerde alacakları ekonometri derslerine Ders, istatistik teorisinin temel prensiplerini vurgulamaktadır. Ders Notları · Ödevler ve Çözümler · Sınavlar (çözümler yok). Dersin Açıklaması. Bu ders, iktisatçılar ve diğer sosyal bilimciler için olasılık ve istatistik alanında bir çalışma olan Ekonometri için gerekli olan konulara yoğunlaşacağız ve UYGULAMALI EKONOMETRİ 1- DERS NOTLARI Kukla · 1 sürümü DOSYA.

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Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi Forum – Anasayfa

Week Theoretical Practice Laboratory 1. Recomended Optional Programme Components None. The stage of econometric modeling model design, estimating model, evaluation of the model, evaluation of the inference power.

Web Site of the Department Head of Department: The undergraduate program offers a wide range of courses in all fields of economics and the students graduate with a very strong overall background in economics.

The main objective of the course is to teach different techniques after having background of econometrics. Description of Individual Course Units.

Those who go on to graduate school, both in Turkey and abroad, have been exceptionally successful with their analytical background. Relaxing the assumption of the classical model heteroscedasticity Assessment Criteria To be announced.

Description of Individual Course Units

Course Objective The main objective of the course is to teach different techniques after having background of econometrics. Using behavioral economics for public policy.


Evaluation of ekonomdtri inference power The scope and duration of the reading and research projects are to be indicated at the beginning of the semester. Recomended or Required Reading 1.

Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods This course will be presented using softwares to set up econometrics models, statistics softwares, Windows, Word, Excel. EC or consent of the instructor.

Alternative ways of conceptualizing economies: Prerequisites and Co-requisites None. Relaxing the assumption of the classical model autocorrelation National income and its determination; changes in national income, elements of public finance, money and banking, international trade, macroeconomic policy, economic growth and development; illustrations and nogu from the Turkish economy. Estimation of the model II multiple regression 9.

The stage of econometric modeling model design, estimating model, evaluation of the model, evaluation of the inference power 4. Model designing selecting variables, derrs best regression equation.

Elektrik Makinalar 1 – Eemdersnotlari.com – Mustafa Turan Ders Notu (Tm Konular)

Model concept and sources of data for econometric analysis 3. Relaxing the assumption of the classical model multicolinearity Course Contents Week Subject Description 1 Giving a lesson about a software in class, sharing topics about research in class, doing research about economic theory in content of research s topic and constitute theoretical background 2 Giving a lesseon about how to do scientific research 3 Giving a lesseon about convenient software 4 Organizing data in the class 5 Discussion about how to interpret results in class 6 Giving homework about interpretation of research s results 7 To Set ekonometrk models, giving an example of a model and interpretation of model, keeping study model ekonnometri homework 8 Mid-term 9 Mid-term 10 Discussion final situation of models in class, be completed ekonommetri as homework, ekonomrtri approval from advisor 11 Showing final situation of interpretation of models to advisor 12 Collecting all parts of research 13 Showing framework of research using power point 14 Completing research, presenting research on power point.


Model concept and stage of model development are also provided. Experimental economics; behavioral economics. The scope of the econometrics 2. Course Policies and Rules To be announced.

The Department of Economics offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics. Estimation of the model III Alternative functional form, slope and elasticities Estimation of the model I OLS, matrix algebra 6. Evaluation of the model t test, F test, R square, checking the normality of error term Mode of Delivery Eknometri -to- Face.

EC and Senior Standing.