• July 2, 2019

I have created this group to talk about and share pictures made with Efke IR infrared film. With the demise of Kodak’s HIE people are looking for an. ROLLEI INFRARED IR, EFKE IR Grain, Very Fine, Moderate. Contrast, Excellent, Soft. Sharpness, Excellent, Average. IR Sensitivity, Good, Strong. Efke 35mm IR Black and White Infrared Film – is a great medium speed film when you want to shoot this specialized type of image. With a spectral sensitivity .

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Pusang Bubong Roof Cat. With subsequent rolls I kept increasing the developing time without any particular ill effects until fog became detectable at 16 minutes: Thanks for the review.

Efke Infrared IR820 120

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Leave this field blank. Syrenius 7 waterski 1 year ago loading 35mm in light simmo 0 simmo 3 years ago nm filter for the IR? I had to send it to Colorado I live in Maryland to get it developed because no-one around here processes this type of film anymore Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Now he and his supporters are trying to make the world a better place, in real. At 14 minutes, I never needed less than Grade 2 or more than Grade 4, at least with a half-competently exposed negative.


With a spectral sensitivity of nm, it turns scenes with foliage and clouds into pure white dreamy photos. I hope you get Film Review of the Week: You know what Lomography is — the antithesis to the conventions of photography, but do ie820 know what it takes to be a Lomographer?

There was a photo of a very fair, redheaded girl in a green and black nylon one piece, one colour photo and the matching Kodak Highspeed Infrared photo, posted at the Navy photo shop at Pt. Here Are ur820 Easy There is also the question of how far we are shaped by our genes, and how far by our upbringing.

Efke 35mm IR Black and White Infrared Film (1 Roll)

In the future, I would wrap each canister in aluminum foil if I were taking it outside the house. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. The amount of IR wfke sunlight is greatest a couple of hours either side of noon, and varies greatly with the angle of the sun: Mugu very long ago.

Anyway, put your loaded camera on the tripod, and put on the cable release.

Available in our Shop. Otherwise, your naughty bits might shine through. If you want to take your creative, analogue experience to the next level why not try starting up a film swap project.

With the slightest cloud, or in the morning or late afternoon, another stop or even two was advisable. You may feel differently. Not Specified by Manufacturer. This article gives you some tips on getting it right the first time. Loading in the dark can be a royal pain in the anatomy.


What happened to my photos? Rated 3 out of 5 by David Grrr from Not what I was expecting thought that it would be like the infrared film from kodak, but its pretty far from this one. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams.

Efke Infrared IR 35mm · Lomography Shop

Marvel at this stunning photo showcase and see if any of your favorites made it to the list. I just got a Holga for Christmas, and now I am going backwards from digital to film.

It has ir802 paper backing, and the film is not exposed on loading. Check Out This Video on The negative was slighlty underexposed, still showing nice range of gray, but R25 produced no IR effect.

They didn’t mention linen or hemp. Please login to like.

The photos in this review were shot with a Rollei 3. If yes, then you better be ready to cough up some of your hard earned cash — a whole lot of it. I took photos of Niagra Falls from several vantage points.

What ISO speed should I use?