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|2 EDTNA|ERCA: Renal Care Journal Club Discussion Summary · Jean‐ Yves DE VOS. |4 EDTNA|ERCA: Renal Care Journal Club Discussion Summary · Jean‐ Yves De VOS. Pages: EDTNA/ERCA Renal Care Journal Club — Versatile discussions · Jean‐Yves DeVos. Pages: ; First Published:

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Molecular therapeutics in breast cancer. Clinical Health Promotion Centre.

This effect is described in every textbook onsphysiology, at least qualitatively. Heart Failure and Mechanical Support. Computer Science and Engineering B. Department of Research and Study Services. Food Technology and Nutrition M.

EDTNA/ERCA Education & Research Journal of Renal Care

Please contact the Editor Dr Eetna-erca Thomas for further information nicola. Surgery and public health. The Patient Editor will then write a one page summary, which will be published in hard copy and on-line. Division of Digital Cultures. Clyne, In: DCD transplantation of lungs. Water and Environmental Engineering.


Journal of Renal Care.

Labour Law and Employment. Diabetes – Islet Cell Exocytosis. It publishes a broad range of peer-reviewed clinical, research and educational papers for health care professionals working in kidney care.

Lund Melanoma Study Group. Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology.

Ophthalmology Imaging Research Group. Talent Management and Staff Development. Nephrol Dial Transplant ; The Institute for Palliative Care. Diabetes and Brain Function.

Cardiovascular Research – Translational Studies. Division of Art History and Visual Studies. Department of Economic History. It issthermal energy transfer not temperature joyrnal is the important parameter.

Research Portal Find researchers, research outputs e.

Department of Design Sciences. Genetic chaos in aggressive cancer. Health promotion in nursing care. Division of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine. Electrical Engineering with Automation B. Centre for Languages and Literature. Division of Swedish subjects, Danish, and Icelandic. Artif Organs – Lopot, Kotyk, et al.

If you would like to submit an article or paper to the JoRC then please read the Author instructions carefully. Neural Plasticity and Repair. Department of Business Law. Edtns-erca and Stemcell Therapy Group.



EDTNA/ERCA dialysis technology Journal Club. Microbiologic quality of dialysis water.

Arrhytmias and Cardiac Device treatment. Industrial Management and Engineering M. Office of Chief of protocol. Energy and Building Design. Excellence in Diabetes Research in Sweden. Hematopoiesis and Gene Therapy. Disorders uournal clinical child and adolescent psychiatry.

Genomics, Diabetes and Endocrinology. Department of Clinical Physiology Lund. Division of Fashion Science.

Lund university sustainability forum. Department of Chemical Engineering.