• June 12, 2019

GPS / FMS RNAV Arrival Chart Transition to Final Approach (Overlay to RADAR Vector STAR – Instrument STAR RNAV (GPS) (West) Rwy 07C/R/ Rwy 25L/C. Frankfurt/Main – EDDF Surface. Elevation. Approach. RWY 07C (°). x 60 m ( x ft). Beton. ft STAR RNAV 25/07 from South and East. Standard Arrival Chart – Instrument (STAR) (EAST) RWY 07L/C/R, RWY 25L/C/R · GPS / FMS RNAV Arrival Chart Transition to Final Approach (Overlay to Radar.

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This means you fly the procedure laterally as described on the chart, and you obey and comply with the speed restrictions marked on them as long as the controller has not issued a speed restriction by himself. Good luck in your quests. By Martin Georg – Tue Nov 15, By Mohammed Fadlallah – Mon Nov 14, 6: Posted April 26, File Library – What’s New.

This topic is handled differently at other airports.

Currently, the R1 installed. It’s very nice to see that people here learn from each other, I really respect this community. Is my FG Map outdatet or Jomos map? Word Not Allowed, I love this aviation stuff too much to let it rest. The PMDG seems to ignore that “missing” rwy.


skd Discord WecsjeFlightSims United discord https: By Islam Hani – Tue Nov 15, 7: Hardly added to any confusion, after checking the charts, all is clear! Again, I might be talking out of my backside, hopefully someone with the right knowledge could tell us both LOL. There are no “STAR transitions”. By Islam Hani – Mon Nov 14, 5: So, now I was pretty confused what is this did and why use it at the first place??

Thanks for the helpful information with this particular plate, as it’s close to home They start at the same waypoints these waypoints are called the “Clearance Limits” there, because you need a clearance to ztar after them. We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. By Martin Georg – Wed Nov 16, 9: Using your example we’re talking apples and oranges.

EDDF no SID STAR and RWYS? – PMDG – The AVSIM Community

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time. Also, the charts on vacc-sag. Am I right or do I have the wrong charts?


Frankfurt Am Main Airport

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Flight Simulation’s Premier Resource! Islam Hani Posts: So pls understand that it is much more promising to discuss problems in the EDDF-Triangle forum – if you really are interested in getting things done! Register a new account. He’ll be able to explain those approaches in pretty good detail after we’re done fishing, I’m sure, but I’m doing a lot of homework before I “approach” him with my toughest questions – if for no other reason than being able to understand and apply his answers.