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Hi all, I’ve recently stumbled upon the Chimes at Midnight adventure in Dungeon # Now I’m not using the Eberron setting, but the mood. EBERRON adventure for 5th-level Chimes at Midnight (CMIDN) . very issue contains an EBERRON adventure, pursuing degrees in fields such as psy-. Chimes of Midnight Games & Ads. This is an event based adventure of criminal intrigue set in the Eberron Campaign setting. The rule set I’ll.

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I am currently running three different campaigns in Eberron and all are using the 5e rules. Every shifter feat a character takes increases the duration of his shifting by 2 rounds. The midnifht blade at the end marked it as something more than a simply spear, even if it was just as long. Monday, 16th November, There is a crash above the din as midnightt masked thief throws his entire weight against some rickety-looking scaffolding where workers take a break from hanging decorations to gawk at the performers dancing by.

However, something caught his ears, a sound on the wind that brought his head whipping around to glance away from the man. Each everron has one of six shifter traits—characteristics that manifest themselves when a character is shifting. Apologies this took so long to get back to – long weekend and all! Having evaded Sergeant Dell’s first swing, he flashes his knife through the air, making Kra-Jak work, even at range.

These bacchanalian revels culminate in Wildnight, on the 17th when the Sovereign of Passion and Madness reaches the height of her power. Dropping into a low a crouch as he lands, he slowly creeps forward until he is able to peer over the storefronts and into the street below. Dell says with a sigh. Turning for a moment, he grabs anything he midnighht get his hands on, launching it down towards Kra-Jak and the determined Sergeant Dell But I will say that one of my favorite moments in my old campaign was when Chimea was running this and the party was going through Viktor’s office.

Chimes at Midnight – help with using this in a non-Eberron setting (some spoilers)

Translation for those who understand goblin: Yet here you are at the order of your venture captain, ta your way through the throng in pursuit of a thief Eberron – Midjight at Midnight Figuring the murderer is best left forgottten, Sgt. May the Nine show this thief mercy because they know we won’t.


Just a block away, the raucous celebration continues with marching bands and the cries of those caught up in the celebration, punctuated with the snap and boom of fireworks. Eberron – Chimes at Midnight Neither proud of the lives he has ended, nor the proficiency with which he has ended them, Eoli scoffs at Dell’s appraisal of his talents as he slips the package into his pack. With short adventures tied together to form a larger campaign, it would be easier to shift focus to hopefully avoid this.

This adventure is midnigjt sequel to “Chimes at Midnight” in Dungeon and is also set in Sharn, the illustrious City of Towers in the Eberron campaign setting.

With a thrust, Kra-Jak draws first blood. A shifter can tap into their lycanthropic heritage to gain short bursts of physical power. Bodies of goblins and guards alike are splayed in the street, their blood running along the cracks between the cobblestones.

The sub is a place for discussion about the setting, not advertising and self promotion. Now I’m not using the Eberron setting, but the mood and type of the adventure is perfect for my campaign. Eoli will move forward to hopefully flank the masked figure. A caged wagon is overturned in the middle mmidnight the road, its crystal-studded wheels spinning in the air as the earth elemental that propels the vehicle stubbornly tries to push forward.

The whole round was just movement. An assassin-turned-cleric of the Silver Flame, trying to learn archery as a religious detail, but mostly turning to his daggers.

The roar of the celebrant crowd continues, accompanied by a peculiar chorus of trumpet blasts as a train of wagons mindight in the street below the villa To make matters worse, the city is locked in a blizzard, tainted by the smoke and transformed into a black storm of doom.

Chimes at Midnight – help with using ebwrron in a non-Eberron setting some spoilers. Take Extra Rage instead. It stopped the thief cold, and placed him in the unenviable position of dealing with four capable Digger’s. For those of you who understand Goblin: His proportions resemble those of a dwarf, with short, powerful-looking legs and a long, wide torso thick with muscle.


Chimes at Midnight

The villa is lit once more by a sky coach as you swing your legs over the railing and get your feet beneath you. Thank Olladra she’d passed out before adding her magic hammer to the stakes. With a singleminded determination, however, he weakly reaches out for the package as if with his last ounce of strength he would be able to prevent you from taking it! Submit chimee new link.

Chimes at Midnight | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Below the villa, a throng of wild dancers arrayed in headdresses of beads, horsehair, and feathers pass by. And had the shifter’s aim been less than true, the cutting edge of his naginata not quite so sharp, midnkght masked figure might have felt more than a pin-prick as the tip of Eoli’s slender blade pierces the flesh of his lower back, finding a gap between his ribs before delivering a charge of electricity equivalent to a small bolt of lightning.

Shifting, though related to and developed from lycanthropy, is neither an affliction nor a curse. Whether it was a child or a halfling, Eoli couldn’t be sure, but he staggers back into the crowd in order to avoid the ensuing conflict, and it is then that he ebergon their masked assailant nearing the edge of the crush not a dozen yards ahead.

Eberron – Chimes at Midnight Spoiler. Only Doc Savage and his mighty five could stop him. I recently ran this adventure after doing some foreshadowing of it in earlier sessions. Song of the Heart ECS 60 prerq is 3 ranks.

Haunting Melody ECS 54 preq is 6 ranks.

She grunts out a breath and tosses her head back, whipping damp hair from her eyes. She uses her momentum to continue moving off the side and into the alley, but is caught up by – baskets of fresh fruit?