• June 16, 2019

Questions covered by the EAWS Common Core pqs. The Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (EAWS) program was established in . Heat related injuries, these types of injuries are very common in the demanding Aviation distinguishes it as the centerpiece of this core capability. This is an EAWS Core PQS website specifically designed to allow you to study at The first phase includes force-wide common core requirements that work.

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EAWS common core

The first phase includes force-wide common core requirements that work hand-in-hand with command indoctrination that every Sailor completes the first few months aboard their ship or squadron. Last, if you think this syllabus is difficult, consider what EAWS candidates ewas to complete prior to Type 4 Duty is defined as ‘Non-rotated Sea Duty’: Study hard and remember For details on each program, and up-to-date eligibility requirements, consult the following instructions: Your qualification must be maintained at follow-on commands.

General requirements included a 3. To qualify as an enlisted warfare specialist, you must complete commom qualification program that is part of the personnel qualification standards PQS.

Redundant topics, that are covered by other basic Navy requirements, such as certain aspects of fire-fighting, have been removed”, said DeLozier. He noted that the test will be based on the study guide created for each platform removing the need for, quote, gouge, referring to an unofficial study guide constructed from several undocumented sources commom down from Sailor to Sailor.


Duty performed in commissioned vessels and deployable squadrons homeported overseas. Created by command and maintenance master chiefs from the aviation community to align with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy’s requirement for all enlisted Sailors to be warfare qualified, the new program will do away with the old personnel qualification standards PQS books and replace them with a qualification card.

Also included are U. DeLozier detailed exceptions when he said, “The only time you would have to re-qualify is if there were a different system the new squadron has and you would only have to show expertise in that one section. Sailors who have completed more than 50 percent of the old PQS system will continue and finish that program, said DeLozier. The change goes deeper than the amount of paperwork a Sailor needs comjon get signed.

cmmon The Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist wings are issued to enlisted personnel who acquired the specific professional skills, knowledge, and military experience that resulted in unique qualification for service in the aviation activities of the Navy.

General qualifications to receive a warfare specialist designation are as follows: Candidates had to be in direct or indirect support of air-warfare missions.

Eaws Common Core

Basic Aviation Supply Administration, training, and testing was carried out at the command level, and standards were kept high to maintain the integrity of the program. The last update was completed: Just email me your question, comment, or suggestion, and I will answer your email as soon as I receive it.


Exws will have coee months to complete the four-phase qualification card from the date of enrollment, with 24 months being the estimated average time of completion. The Uniform Regulations described the Aviation Warfare wings as follows: Advancement points comon for warfare qualified Sailors were eliminated by the September advancement cycle.

Phase three, estimated to last around nine months, consists of a walk-through portion that is intended to get Sailors looking at and touching the subjects they are studying.

Aviation personnel were then authorized to wear the silver EAWS wings, and the letters “AW” in parentheses were added to their rating designation. This site has been cofe since Novemberand has been updated continually.

For example, a Sailor going from one VFA command to another remains qualified, because that Sailor already knows that airframe.

EAWS Common Core – ProProfs Quiz

Enlisted Specialist Programs The purpose of the enlisted warfare specialist designation is to recognize, through a formal qualification program exceptional achievement, initiative, and professional qualifications of enlisted personnel.

Specifically Type 2 Duty is defined as ‘Sea Duty’: The Navy has four enlisted warfare specialist designations: Click here to link directly to eawss message board.

Need help understanding some of the material? Enlisted Warfare Specialists Updates!