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Eat My Heart Out [Zoe Pilger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At twenty-three, Ann-Marie is single, broke, and furious, and convinced that. Buy Eat My Heart Out Main by Zoe Pilger (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Eat My Heart Out Zoe Pilger Serpent’s Tail, pp, £ Ann-Marie is in a state . Not only has the year-old protagonist of Zoe Pilger’s.

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I just didn’t get it!

She sleeps with unsuitable men, she goes to pop up restaurants, she has no money. Choose your FT trial. There are other, less immediately scary, similarities with Horsley’s story, such as characters lacking boundaries around friends’ money, and the wealth and low-quality conceptual art of some of the supporting characters.

They cling to relics of their childhood, like Disney movies, or adopt hipster affectations, talking in Pilfer Lin quotes. Published February 5th by Serpent’s Tail first published December 19th But I believe you can well write and execute even hearf most chaotic of scenes.

Perhaps the strangest thing was that for a feminist author, writing about a feminist, it didn’t feel particularly pro-feminism. I’ve got to stop somewhere Pilger left me frustrated, repulsed and inherently prickly.

Given that this is meant to be a book about the current generation of teenagers and early twentysomethings, Z. Close Financial Times International Edition. The reader is left with the feeling that everyone, including themselves, want to make Ann-Marie into something else.

Eat My Heart Out By Zoe Pilger – The

Now it might well be that this was a criticism of Feminism in the media, but there didn’t appear to be a ‘true’ feminist anywhere in the text, as a contrast against those using feminism to further their own ends and excusing their worst traits by blaming it on the System. But her white-knuckle grip on Vic, her initially aloof and apathetic lover, loosens when she meets Stephanie Haight, a renowned feminist with an agenda to save an entire generation of uninterested, soe young women.


Quite an interesting book – bursting with ideas and a little bit of pilegr. The reason I have more antipathy to a certain strand of feminism is because it does actively celebrate this sort of thing in well-known women, who are presented as martyrs to a cause, pikger discusses it as an inevitable response to societal pressures rather than looking at individuals and a range of causes which apply to women and men, with a knowledge of relevant psychology.

A dark comedy for the cynical. I bought this book in a wimp because it was half-priced, but really I fat looked more into it when I bought it. Pilger’s thoroughly modern ones are coke-scoffing, self-harming hipsters and debauched Islington dinner parties. I think for Wurtzel at least, it was self-justification. I would approve of telling young women to go out and have fun or ou on their own terms, potentially pissing off those who disapproved.

She’s only a hipster by virtue of the fact that she lives in London. But as the book progresses it becomes clear that she is just a lost fucked up girl who needs to get her shit together. I was left bitterly disappointed and questioning why I even bothered in the first place. She forces her to go through humiliating experiences that are the literary equivalent of disgusting hazing rituals, and hsart main character just goes along with it, because apparently one must ‘suffer’ to become an ‘artist’, and this crazy old bag will show her the way I’m remembering that Bridget Jones actually had a career, and Ann-Marie blamed her entire life on her breakup.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Altogether and hello and thank you if you’re still reading a frustrating book that contains stuff I’m glad to see in print and other things I wildly disagree with. During what turns out to be her final shift at the restaurant, she meets Stephanie Haight, an icon of second wave feminism who decides to make Ann-Marie her next project. Because, uh, these things simply don’t make most people behave that way. She shares a flat with her gay best friend, a wannabe director, who films her re-enacting famous literary suicides.


His semen felt like warm rain. The characters in Eat My Heart Out are flat-out insane and truly, utterly dislikable.

This pipger pitched satire’ was totally wasted on me Feminism often presents itself as addressing vulnerable young women on a serious basis it means to be socially responsible in a way that more trashy or detached publications never seek to but this kind of discussion can make some of them worse than they were before.

It began to die. This is perhaps my fourth attempt.

Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger – review

The most bizarre book I’ve ever read, not really sure why I finished it. If you do read this, read it for the hilarious unabashed foul language and sexual innuendo and the view spoiler [castration of a quiet intellectual type guy hide spoiler ] that happens at the end.

Satire or not, it’s really quite irritating, so I think I’m going to have to shelve it for the time being. Ann-Marie herself is not well-off and has little idea of a career. She hides at the agreed-upon meeting place, watching him wait.

Apr 18, Vienna Famous rated it really liked it. But two thirds of the way in I stopped caring enough to make sense of the increasing melodrama. It belonged to someone other than myself.