• June 14, 2019

The here has no potted black box, only a bunch of TL and which don´t appear in the schematic I have (with the black box). Download Drawmer Drawmer mic pre & compressor ✅ Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information. Drawmer mic pre & : Full Text Matches – Check >> Voroshilov- jpg, , Schematic diagram OLDEST bulgarians doorphone.

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Once the valves had been stressed they needed replacing. Passive equaliser control, which can be set to provide up to 15dB of bass boost at 40Hz.

The first version of the potted VCA burned up and died pretty regularly. Obviously there are even more revisions than the potted and unpotted version. Attack simply offers a choice of slow, medium and fast whilst release has six settings.

There is little doubt in the minds of many engineers and producers that vacuum tubes possess a unique sound quality providing a “warmer, more alive” sound. Had same problem with a unit i had to fix. Rotate the cover plate one half turn, and refit the two screws.

Drawmer – Manual

With the programme material playing, schemtic the Threshold control until the desired amount of gain reduction registers on the meters. An example of this would be the direct to digital stereo recording of live classical music without the necessity of a mixing console. Equalization is provided along with sufficient gain to overload the tube pre-amp for sustain effects. The Aux input is a valuable addition as it combines the virtues of a D.

The Drawmer is a two channel unit with each channel comprised of a completely natural sounding “soft knee” vacuum tube compressor and an extremely low noise microphone pre-amplifier with switchable 48 volt phantom power. For your own safety it is important that you use this cable.


Balanced operation is recommended. I concluded that the sidechain return on the faulty unit was acting like an ariel and this was causing oscillations around the valve stages.

Drawmer Electronics 1960 Mic-Pre/Tube Compressor User Manual

Two sets of insert points on the rear panel allow additional effects to be added either before or during compression. Compressing during a mix does increase the subjective level of tape and other background noises during pauses and quiet passages as maximum gain is applied when the signal level is minimum.

Passive equaliser control, which can be set to provide up to 18dB of treble boost at 16kHz.

The intended use of the audio insert jacks would be to patch in EQ egreverb sfhematic similar processing. July 25, Johan on May 29, Talk to Drawmer, in my experience they have been very helpfull. The tube gain stages are versatile enough to provide a clean, punchy sound or the gain may be increased to provide the type of overdrive sound associated with tube guitar amplifiers.

Classic Schematics

That’s the only thing I’ve heard about, and experienced. Disconnect the unit from the mains. Check your wiring if using sidechain jacks. The passive Bass and Treble controls are based on those used in dradmer tube guitar amplifiers while the Bright switch puts a peak in the frequency response at around 2kHz to simulate the voicing of a typical guitar amplifier.

Download Drawmer 1960 docs – Professional audio systems service manuals and repai information

I find it interesting that both the channels have failed October 11, Setting up is simplified by the soft-knee compressor action which means that it is only necessary to adjust the Threshold control until the desired degree of gain reduction is achieved.


This powerful combination of the classic valve circuit, offering unsurpassed tonality, and the low noise balanced microphone input with up to 60dB of gain has allowed engineers throughout the world to exploit the full potential of high performance condenser microphones.

I have had many on the bench that had dirty pots. Tubefreak Member Netherlands Posts: As with other Drawmer products, the by-pass switch offers a choice of Normal, By-pass and Side Chain Listen modes so that if dchematic have patched in any additional side chain processing, you can easily monitor what schemtic it is having. Hi, Not sure about age and haven’t contacted Drawmer as I drawmsr the unit second hand for very cheap Interestingly, the attack times are further modified by the choice of release setting so the range of choices are wider than it might first appear.

No chip VCA around how hearsay suggests it to be the case. For use with stereo signals such as complete mixes or submixes, the unit should be switched to Stereo Link mode and both sets of channel controls set to the same position.

In addition, the incorporates two low-noise microphone preamplifiers with provision for phantom powering, plus a versatile instrument preamplifier with passive EQ and brightness switch.